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Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)


CES is the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years - the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it attracts the world's business leaders and pioneering thinkers.

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PLUGHITZ Live Presents

LumiLor: A coating that gives objects the ability to glow @ CES 2022


LumiLor is a breakthrough lighting solution that is revolutionizing the way we light our world. With its easy application and versatile design, the product makes it possible to create products that were difficult (if not impossible) to illuminate before. If you're looking for a safe, efficient, and elegant lighting solution, look no further than LumiLor.

What makes LumiLor unique?

One of the great benefits of LumiLor is that it is a very safe lighting solution. The light emitted from the coating is gentle and does not produce any heat. This makes it perfect for use in products where safety is a concern, such as children's toys or medical devices. With LumiLor, you can have peace of mind knowing that your product is safe and secure.

Another great benefit of LumiLor is its versatility. Because it can be applied to any surface, it opens up endless possibilities for creative lighting solutions. You can create intricate designs with luminescent borders or add subtle highlights to objects to make them stand out against a dark background. With this product, the only limit is your imagination.

Where can LumiLor be used?

This versatile product can be applied directly onto any object or surface where light is desired. It emits a very bright glow that makes it perfect for accentuating logos on retail products as well as creating glowing jewelry items like chokers and necklaces. LumiLor is also a great luminescent lighting solution for interior design and furniture.

You can even add luminescent designs to clothing, costumes, and fabric using LumiLor's innovative pre-applied film option. This makes it possible to create luminescent apparel that will light up any party! Because of the thickness, only 100 microns, adding luminescence to clothing and accessories won't add any bulk and nearly no additional weight.

One great example of how you can use the versatile product would be in ski goggles: attaching an adhesive layer onto your existing pair of ski goggles not only protects them from scratches but also allows you to easily attach custom graphics or logos onto them so they really stand out against other competitors on the slopes at nightfall. You could even apply the coating directly onto snowboards as long as you have a smooth, clean surface to adhere the luminescent coating onto.

But, you can add the company's luminescent coating to other outdoor sports items, such as bikes and accessories. Rather than having to add lights to your bike and helmet to use at night, LumiLor allows you to use your items as they are intended, with just the addition of the lighting film.

There are many more luminescent lighting applications for both interior and exterior design that you can explore. If there's an object or surface where luminescence is desired, LumiLor will work! Whether it be signage on vehicles, bar stools in your cafe/restaurant, cabinets in your kitchen & bathroom, or any other luminescent lighting application imaginable - LumiLor has a solution for every need.

For more information on this amazing product, visit the company's website today!

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.
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PLUGHITZ Live Presents

Mobix Labs: Improving 5G millimeter band technology @ CES 2022


Mobix Labs is a fabless semiconductor company focused on developing highly innovative RF and mixed-signal components and solutions for 5G millimeter band technology. Led by a team of highly experienced and accomplished industry executives, Mobix Labs is establishing itself as the go-to leader of RF, mixed-signal, antenna components, and solutions for the sub-GHz 5GNR market and beyond.

What does Mobix Labs do?

Their comprehensive product offerings include mmWave 5G ICs, modules, and antennas. They are designed to make it easier for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to develop products with best-in-class performance. With over two decades of experience in the wireless industry, Mobix Labs has the knowledge and expertise to help OEMs bring their next-generation products to market quickly and efficiently.

5G millimeter band technology is the next big thing in wireless communications. Mobix Labs is leading the charge in developing innovative products and solutions for this growing market. Their comprehensive product offerings include mmWave 5G ICs, modules, and antennas that are designed to make it easier for OEMs to develop products with best-in-class performance.

The True 5G Solutions from Mobix Labs are essential to unlocking the unprecedented levels of performance and speed promised by 5G. With its advanced research and development capabilities, Mobix Labs is well-positioned to provide leadership in this important technological area.

Where can the technology be used?

Currently, the company is focused on the infrastructure market. That means that the chips are intended to be used in the technology that makes it possible for you to get 5G signals. This includes the cellular towers installed by the carriers, repeaters installed by carriers, and small repeaters installed by businesses and individuals.

This focus means that you could be interacting with the company's technology every day without even knowing it. This is because these chips and radios are responsible for the high-end 5G signal strength available on your phone. Their chips could be at the tops of tall cellular towers, but it could also be built into smaller form devices, like the cellular repeaters that many cities are having installed on the tops of telephone poles around town to enhance cellular reception.

The need for this much infrastructure is because of the nature of the frequencies used for mmWave 5G. The higher frequency used makes it possible for incredibly fast internet speeds, but is more susceptible to interference from everyday items, like walls. Our tests show about 8x speed in our offices over standard 5G on the same device. But these increased speeds are limited to Mission Control and are not available in the studio - likely because of the thicker walls, additional lights, and equipment.

However, this focus on infrastructure does not negate the technology's other uses. In fact, the company has been in discussions about other implementations, including vehicles. Cars and trucks are more regularly using 5G technology for communication, both to the internet, as well as direct communication between one another. This allows for software updates to the vehicle's systems, as well as the ability for it to know about what other cars and trucks around it are intending to do.

To learn more about Mobix Labs and their 5G mmWave technology, visit the company's website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.
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PLUGHITZ Live Presents

On2cook: The world's fastest countertop cooking device @ CES 2022


Do you ever wish that you could cook a delicious meal with minimal effort? Have you ever felt like cooking is an impossible task and wished there was someone who could do it for you? Well, wait no longer! On2cook is the world's fastest at-home cooking device.

How it Works

It works on the revolutionary Combination Cooking Technology which simultaneously combines induction, heat, and microwaves to cut your cooking time by up to 70% and reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. If this idea sounds familiar, you must be a fan of 30 Rock, because it's very similar to the Trivection Oven that was introduced by Jack Donaghy on the show. The best part of On2cook? This one's real!

Not only does this product make it possible for anyone to be able to cook a healthy meal in just minutes but it also preserves water-soluble nutrients, retains color and texture as well as consistency.

At-Home Use

Everyone has a night where they think, "Maybe I'll just order out because I can't be bothered to cook." But ordering Uber Eats or DoorDash is expensive adds up quickly. With On2cook, you get the speed of delivery with the cost and quality of home cooking.

This device, which is slightly larger than an air fryer and looks similar to a waffle maker, can serve multiple purposes. It can be used as a traditional oven. It can be used as a convection oven. It can be used as an air fryer. It can even be used as a microwave. It can prepare rice in just 5 minutes, or chicken in just 15 minutes. With the Ai-powered app, you can get recommendations on how to use it better.

It's also able to go the other way and replace slow-cookers. It can be set to slow cook, replacing a crockpot or sous vide cooker.

The On2cook also improves energy efficiency. The device is able to produce faster results and still uses 40% less energy to get the job done. All without losing the nutritional value of the food.

Because everything is self-contained, it also means less mess to clean up. There's no splashing or massive cleanup.

Commercial Use

On2cook isn't just for the home kitchen. The device can also be deployed in commercial kitchens, improving efficiency and costs. A restaurant could deploy several of these in a row and cook multiple meals at once, all improved by the built-in AI. However, if the chef wants to determine the specs on their own, that's possible, too.

It's also perfect for a portable kitchen, like a food truck. For a truck that takes orders and delivers the food to a location, the driver can set the cookers to prepare the food and, while it's cooking, you can drive to the destination. For stationary food trucks, you could be preparing several meals at the same time, as opposed to a more one-on-one ordering process.

On2cook will address all gaps in the kitchen that impact work efficiencies, such as time management, recipe management, and ordering of ingredients.


The company expects the On2cook to be available on the market within the next 6 months, pending certifications. The device price is expected to be $500. Learn more about the product at the company's website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.
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Piltch Point

Most Interesting Finds of CES 2022 - Episode 279


One of Avram's favorite sayings is, "We're in the business of interesting, not good." This is an important distinction that makes his view of the tech journalism industry far more fun. Often times we discuss products that are unique and strange, but not necessarily things that are great. It's important to know that there are products out in the wild that are bad ideas, poorly made, security or privacy problems, and more. With a focus on the interesting, Avram helps to bring some of those products to light, pointing out some products that should definitely be skipped and some that you should consider.


This is certainly an interesting product idea. Think of it as an air purifier that is built into your computer monitor. The theory is that your monitor can pull double duty, as both a part of your computer and a part of your in-office health regiment. Built into the very large monitor box are fans and filters that suck in unclean air, clean it, and let it back out.

Obviously, in this era of heightened attention to airborne contaminants, this is a product idea that businesses might consider. However, there is a lot of question around the concept. First, we don't spend our whole day aimed at a computer screen, so much of your outbound air is going to be missed. Second, we've all trained ourselves to aim away from a computer monitor before coughing or sneezing as to prevent the screen from getting spooted and gross. Third, there is no scientific evidence that the concept actually accomplishes its goal.

It's important to note that the company that was pitching the product idea is not manufacturing it. They do not produce monitors, and they do not produce filters. Instead, they are looking to license the idea to monitor manufacturers.

Showcase PC

Another interesting product idea is the holographic PC case. We've seem holographic fans before, including from our CES 2017 interview with KONO. But, this is the first time we have seen the technology applied to PC cases. Essentially, the case is able to show images, animations, and videos floating in the middle of nowhere. Depending on the PC case configuration, you can even get an animatino to come out of the case, using another LED fan on the outside.

This feature is the obvious extension of the RGB trend in PC cases. Instead of just having animated lighting, you cna literally show real motion. And the floating images make it even cooler. The cases are expected to hit the market later this year, and we can't wait.

Best of CES 2022

Not everything is interesting - some is functinoal and fantastic. Intel announced a new set of Alder Lake processors - a total of 50 new models for desktop PC and laptops. The company is really focusing on trying to regain some of the lost ground over the past few years. Not to be outdone, AMD also announced new hardware - AMD Rembrandt, which is new integrated graphics chips for Ryzen 6000 processors.

UpStream Articles

All of the companies that have pulled out of CES 2022 so far

posted Wednesday Dec 22, 2021 by Scott Ertz

All of the companies that have pulled out of CES 2022 so far

Updated 2021-12-28 16:20 EST to add more companies

Updated 2021-12-30 12:00 EST to add more companies

CES 2022, owned and operated by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), is technically still planned for January 5-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada, but those plans seem to be falling apart around them. As the Omicron variant of COVID-19 has become the dominant strain in the US and abroad, numbers are spiking across the globe. While the statistics currently suggest that Omicron is significantly less dangerous for most people, it isn't exactly safe. In addition, many countries are beginning lockdowns again, meaning that international companies are struggling to attend the event in person. Because of this, it's looking more and more like the majority of CES 2022 will be virtual, reminiscent of CES 2021.

As of now, the company says that CES 2022 will still happen in person, though they are leaving it open to future cancellation. On the website, there is a bold statement saying,

We are actively tracking the emerging news and science around the new Omicron variant. We will continue to monitor and adjust our plans and health protocols as necessary.

We are also tracking the news and environment, as things are already changing quickly. We're just 2 weeks away from the start of the event, but companies are pulling out at an alarming rate. Both exhibitors and media companies are deciding to interact with the event remotely, suggesting a trend that could end with the full cancelation of the in-person event and a shift to an all-digital format. Here are some of the companies that have already pulled out.

Exhibitors and Partners

Exhibitors are the lifeblood of CES. Without them, there is no reason to attend, as there is nothing to see, cover, or talk and write about.


December 21, 2021 - Amazon has announced that it will not have a presence at the event. Amazon traditionally supports its partners with product experts, as well as having its own exhibits. In addition to supporting partners who use Alexa in their devices, the company also has its large offering of products, from Echo to Ring. The company said in a statement,

Due to the quickly shifting situation and uncertainty around the Omicron variant, we will no longer have an on-site presence at CES.


December 22, 2021 - While the company did not have a planned large presence this year. The only AT&T branded booth is 8763 in the North Hall as part of the Health & Wellness section of the show floor. The telecom and media divisions of the brand did not have a planned presence at all. Now, the company will skip the show entirely.


December 21, 2021 - The media giant, which owns iHeartRadio, has decided to pull its participation entirely. The company had planned several events, the primary was to be a concert at Area15, featuring Swedish House Mafia.


December 21, 2021 - Nvidia is one of the pillars on which modern CES events are built. The company is involved in so many aspects of emerging technology that their absence might be felt the most. Someone close to the conference described the situation, stating,

Nvidia canceling on CES is like Moderna canceling at a healthcare conference.

The company still plans to deliver a "special address" virtually, similar to their presentation at CES 2021.


December 21, 2021 - T-Mobile is one of the featured companies for CES 2022, with a planned keynote speech from new CEO Mike Sievert. The company has announced that it will no longer be participating in the event in-person, with the company stating,

After careful consideration and discussion, T-Mobile has made the difficult decision to significantly limit our in-person participation at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. While we are confident that CES organizers are taking exhaustive measures to protect in-person attendees and we had many preventative practices in place as well, we are prioritizing the safety of our team and other attendees with this decision. T-Mobile will continue to serve as a CES sponsor and title sponsor of the DRL Championship Race but the vast majority of our team will not be traveling to Las Vegas. Additionally, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert will no longer be offering a keynote in-person or virtually. T-Mobile's entire team looks forward to an in-person CES 2023, which we hope includes an on-stage keynote in front of a live audience. We extend our sincere thanks to the entire CES staff for their hard work during these challenging times.

So, while remaining as a featured partner and sponsor, the company is pulling back. Even the planned keynote has been cancelled entirely, not even planning to deliver it virtually.

Full List of Known Brands

Here is a complete list of known brands skipping CES 2022. This list will expand with time, and we'll try to keep it updated.

  • Amazon
  • AMD
  • Arthur
  • AT&T
  • Brunswick
  • EnviroKlenz
  • eSight
  • Fluent.ai
  • FluentPet
  • General Motors (GM)
  • Google
  • iHeartMedia
  • Intel
  • JPMorgan
  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft
  • Nvidia
  • OnePlus
  • PepsiCo
  • Piana Technology
  • Rendever
  • T-Mobile
  • SUPER73
  • ThirdEye
  • Toucan

Social Media

The social media companies have a large impact on the value of CES. Clearly, a lot of the news during the show is made possible because of the social media platforms. But, in addition, a lot of products also feature social media integration.

Meta (Facebook, Instagram)

December 21, 2021 - Meta has an important presence at CES. Not only do they own and operate Facebook and Instagram, but they also own the formerly named Oculus. Many of the companies showing off virtual reality (VR) products are relying on the Oculus hardware and software to do so. The company announced its intentions to skip in-person participation and are looking at how to participate virtually.

Out of an abundance of caution and care for our employees, we won't be attending CES in-person due to the evolving public health concerns related to Covid-19.


December 21, 2021 - Previously, Pinterest had planned to have a limited presence at the show before Omicron. However, with the changing landscape, the company has announced that they will skip the event altogether. Pinterest did not have an official presence planned for the show.


December 21, 2021 - Twitter's presence at the company is usually pretty high-profile, though this year did not have any official relationship with the show. The branding has been seen in the main courtyard of the Las Vegas Convention Center, as well as throughout the show floor. In a statement, the company announced,

Due to the spike in Covid cases across the country in the past week, we've decided to cancel our in-person presence at CES next month. We'll continue to actively monitor the situation into the new year and find other opportunities to connect with our clients and partners.

Full List of Known Social Media Brands

Here is a complete list of known social media companies skipping CES 2022. This list may expand with time, and we'll try to keep it updated.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Twitter

Media Outlets

Without the media companies, no one would know what was happening at CES. We scour the show floor for new and exciting products and services. We sit in meetings and presentations to see things not yet announced. And we conduct interviews so you can see first-hand what is coming in the next year.


As with its business unit, the news division has decided to bail on the show. CNN will not have reporters on the floor for CES 2022.


The former manager of the official Best of CES awards announced Monday that it will not participate in-person. The outlet will continue to cover the event virtually.

Yahoo (Engadget, TechCrunch)

The current manager of the official Best of CES awards, Engadget, and its sister site TechCrunch, have decided to cover the event remotely.

Vox Media (The Verge)

Dan Seifert, Deputy Editor of The Verge announced that the brand will not be attending the show and shifting to a remote coverage model.

Future (Laptop Magazine, PC Gamer, T3, Tech Radar, Tom's Guide, Tom's Hardware)

Our good friends at Future have decided from the top level that none of their brands will attend CE S2022 in person, Mark Spoonauer and Lance Ulanoff announced.

Full List of Known Media Outlets

Here is a complete list of known media outlets skipping CES 2022. This list will expand with time, and we'll try to keep it updated.

  • CNET (CBS)
  • CNN (AT&T)
  • Engadget (Yahoo)
  • Forbes
  • Laptop Magazine (Future)
  • MarketWatch (News Corp)
  • PC Gamer (Future)
  • T3 (Future)
  • TechCrunch (Yahoo)
  • Tech Radar (Future)
  • The Verge (Vox Media)
  • Tom's Guide (Future)
  • Tom's Hardware (Future)
  • Wirecutter (The New York Times)

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