TTcare: App service that keeps pets healthy and happy @ CES 2022 - Show Notes

TTcare: App service that keeps pets healthy and happy @ CES 2022

Saturday Jan 29, 2022 (00:07:17)


Of course, we all want to know if our pets are happy and healthy, but how can we be sure that we are doing enough?

Every year we get a front-row seat to the latest and greatest pet care items. And many times, what we see are merely reinventions or simple improvements upon tech and gadgets that already exist. But this year we were able to witness a brand new use of technology that just may end up being a game-changer when it comes to the health of our beloved pets.

What is TTcare?

Created by AI FOR PET, TTcare has developed an AI technology-based app service that allows anyone to quickly and easily check in on the health of their pets. TTcare is the first mobile application in the world that can help to determine whether a disease may exist right at home without the need for any expensive or special equipment. Their business model and technology are currently patent pending and this unique app is the first product of this kind to be officially approved by the Korean government for an "Artificial Intelligence-based medical device software for animals" rather than as a general pet service.

How TTcare Works

How is this even possible, you ask? We had the exact same question. Basically, AI FOR PET has been able to build out a custom technology within their app that is able to detect certain diseases via analyzing pictures of the pets' eyes or skin. This brand new usage of photo recognition technology is based on an image recognition algorithm that can detect specific abnormalities. Not only can this information help give pet owners a heads up to potential health concerns, but it can also be used to help veterinarians diagnose diseases at early stages, which is crucial for effective treatment.

TTcare is the first mobile application in the world to determine whether a disease exists by using something as simple as a photograph of the family pet. TTcare not only helps keep your furry friends healthy and happy, but it also makes checking on their health so much easier than ever before! And although this technology, at first glance, appears to be too amazing to be true. It simply joins a much longer list in the preventive healthcare arena, such as glucose, oxygen level and even sleep monitoring. So to them, it was a natural next step to take this type of health detection to the next level by offering convenient and simple in-home monitoring of the health of our furry companions.

Benefits of TTcare

There are many benefits to using TTcare. It provides for easy and simple checkups that can be done from anywhere in the world! These checkups can be performed by anyone, regardless of whether they have a veterinary background or not. It can also prevent diseases from spreading and allows for early diagnosis and treatment.

How You Can Use TTcare

The TTcare app is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play and is very easy to use. Once you have downloaded the app, you can create an account and start taking pictures, with step-by-step instructions and guidance, of your pet's eyes and skin. TTcare will automatically analyze the pictures and provide you with information on whether your pet has any potential diseases. You can then take this information to seek your veterinarian for further diagnosis and treatment.


The TTcare app is available now in the mobile app stores. To learn more about the platform and download the app, head over to the company's website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Erin Hurst (0:07)

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Todd Cochrane (0:28)

We've got Jay Lim here, and he's going to talk about AI For Pet. Jay is the marketing team leader over there. Welcome to our CES coverage Jay. We need to bring him up on the mic. There we go. Okay, go ahead. So tell us a little bit about your product and what you guys are doing here at CES.

Jay Lim (0:49)

Our product is the AI technologies-based app service. So AI can analyze the dog's eyes or skin or cat's eyes or skin and then let you know if there is a disease or not.

Todd Cochrane (1:04)

So that actually is an analysis tool, then that's app-based, you just basically hold up to your cat or dog's face and take a picture?

Jay Lim (1:12)

Yeah, the only thing you need is a smartphone and then take a picture of your pet's eyes or skin or ear or paw, then send the image to AI and then analyze their image.

Todd Cochrane (1:24)

So the AI will actually tell you then based upon what the paw looks like, maybe what's wrong with diet or what the problem with the dog is. I'm kind of curious, how did you guys come up with the idea of doing this?

Jay Lim (1:37)

There was paper research then published by veterinary school professors and AI professors, and then the paper said the AI can analyze the picture of a dog's eye for symptoms of a disease, and we thought that we can develop any service based on this paper, and then for pet owners. So we started it.

Todd Cochrane (2:02)

Started development of it. Oftentimes people's pet or just like a family member, like they have the almost equal status of their kids. It's just one part of the family, right, or maybe if someone doesn't have a child, maybe that is the full extension of their family. So what are you finding, then? How many different types of diagnoses can you guys make with this technology?

Jay Lim (2:30)

For now, we are only allowed to know the name of the symptoms, not like the actual disease name, because of the law. In terms of AI, we diagnose just like seven symptoms and the skin only four symptoms.

Todd Cochrane (2:46)

So would you, like if I'm seeing my dog and I'm looking at the eyes and they look a little different, oftentimes you just would kind of wonder. You really wouldn't know maybe you wouldn't take the pet to the vet, maybe just say okay, it's whatever's maybe just having a little cold or something. What then are the recommendations? Do you guys give recommendations for the symptom? Then telling me I maybe need to see your veterinarian or maybe I need to do this type of food supplement or this type of lotion? What are you actually recommending?

Jay Lim (3:21)

After I analyze symptoms, there's a comment from the veterinarian that we worked with them, and then you can see why happened and how to take care of it and then we recommend people if the same symptoms are coming over and over like they are over like three times we recommend people visit the vet to see it.

Todd Cochrane (3:43)

So how long has the app been available? Did you launch here at the show or is it coming in the future? Where are you guys at? From that marketing standpoint?

Jay Lim (3:51)

So actually though it's on the market in Korea, like for a year, we are now developing the English service for American users and then British users. It's going to be on the market in April 2022.

Todd Cochrane (4:12)

Is there a cost to the app or is it to ad base or what's your revenue model?

Jay Lim (4:18)

We didn't decide how much is going to be but we are thinking about the subscription model.

Todd Cochrane (4:24)

Okay. So subscription model. Are you thinking about future expansion? So now you looking at eyes, you're looking at the skin, you're looking at paws for all three? I mean, for dogs and cats, right? Any further expansion of looking for symptoms?

Jay Lim (4:41)

No, there's no further expansion at now we are developing joint problem. So if you take a video of your dog walking and then the AI analyzes if there is a problem or not. It's hard because it's bone-based but at least we can let you know is normal or abnormal.

Todd Cochrane (5:04)

Yeah, I have a friend who has a 16-year-old dog and of course, the dog has hip issues because she's so old. It's very obvious. It's no issue knowing that that dog is getting old and has bone problems, but when they're young, they shouldn't be but some breeds are more susceptible to bone issues early in their life. So that's good I understand it's a big challenge. So when you guys were developing this, what did you do? Did you come up with a huge database of actual photos to do the comparison?

Jay Lim (5:38)

We collected over 500,000 images from the vet hospital and shelters and mega laundered images and now like Korean users, we use that application. So every day we got images from the user AI we run from that image.

Todd Cochrane (5:58)

Awesome. Well, where can they find out more information, well, what's the website now and then again, April 22 we fall here in the United States in the UK, right? So what is the website people can go to to check it out?

Jay Lim (6:12)

Just and then you can see there some English information.

Todd Cochrane (6:19)

Alright, also folks, you can AI For Pet Google that as well. I'm sure that'll get you close to that. So thanks for coming over and explaining what you guys are doing. Jay, very exciting for you. Those who have pets out there a way to do a little self-diagnosis of your pet's health.

Jay Lim (6:35)

Thank you.

Todd Cochrane (6:36)

Thank you so much.

Erin Hurst (6:40)

TPN CES 2022 coverage is executive produced by Michele Mendez. Technical Directors are Kurt Corless and Adam Barker. Associate producers are Nancy Ertz and Maurice McCoy. Interviews are edited by Jo Mini. Hosts are Marlo Anderson, Todd Cochrane, Scott Ertz, Christopher Jordan, Daniele Mendez, and Allante Sparks. Las Vegas studio provided by HC Productions. Remote studio provided by PLUGHITZ Productions. This has been Tech Podcasts Network Production, copyright 2022.

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