AirPoint Ring: Control your computer with your fingertips @ CES 2022 - Show Notes

AirPoint Ring: Control your computer with your fingertips @ CES 2022

Friday Jan 21, 2022 (00:08:03)


Do you get tired of using a mouse to control your computer? Have you ever wished you could just use your fingers to navigate around your screen? Well, now there is a product that allows you to do just that! AirPoint Ring is a wearable finger device that offers 3D navigation on top of the functionalities of a typical mouse. This means that you can control your computer with just your fingertips!

What is the AirPoint Ring?

The AirPoint Ring is a ring-shaped finger wearable unit that offers users a more natural way to interact with their computers. Most importantly, it is easy to use! All you have to do is put it on your finger, pair it with your computer, and you're ready to go! Rather than holding your hand over a mouse and moving it around your desk, you can simply wave your hand around in the air. This is great for people who use a computer a lot and get strain from the mouse. It's also great for people presenting through PowerPoint, or something similar.

The Ring includes all of the additional features we have come to expect from a mouse, including the ability to click, drag, scroll, zoom, and navigate, all accessible through gestures. The product also comes with a rechargeable AirPoint Charger that allows you to charge your Ring by seamlessly docking into it.

What are the benefits of using the AirPoint Ring?

There are many benefits to the AirPoint Ring. One of the most important, however, is reduced fatigue problems. Using a typical mouse can often lead to fatigue in the hands and arms. The AirPoint Ring eliminates this problem because all of the navigation is done with your fingers.

You can also experience increased productivity. Many users report that they are more productive when using the AirPoint Ring because it allows them to do tasks faster and more easily. But, it's also ideal for presentations because you can move around the screen quickly and easily without having to worry about getting lost.

Depending on the game, it can also be great for gaming. The AirPoint Ring provides a more immersive gaming experience by allowing you to navigate through the game environment with ease. It can also be perfect for artists and designers. This is especially true for artists and designers who need to navigate around complex three-dimensional spaces.

Who is the AirPoint Ring for?

The AirPoint Ring is perfect for anyone who wants an easier, more natural way to interact with their computer. The product is ideal for presentations, gaming, art and design work, and general navigation around the screen. Essentially, if you are looking for a new way to use your computer, either at your desk or from across the room, the AirPoint Ring might be your perfect new companion.


The AirPoint Ring is available for purchase right now for $129.99. To learn more or to buy one for yourself, you can head to the company's website or Amazon.

Interview by Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch.

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Scott Ertz

Episode Author

Scott is a developer who has worked on projects of varying sizes, including all of the PLUGHITZ Corporation properties. He is also known in the gaming world for his time supporting the rhythm game community, through DDRLover and hosting tournaments throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Currently, when he is not working on software projects or hosting F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, Scott can often be found returning to his high school days working with the Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), mentoring teams and helping with ROBOTICON Tampa Bay. He has also helped found a student software learning group, the ASCII Warriors, currently housed at AMRoC Fab Lab.


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Erin Hurst (00:07)

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Marlo Anderson (00:27)

So who am I visiting with?

Anoop Joseph (00:29)

Hi Marlo. My name is Anoop Joseph and the CEO of Magnima.

Marlo Anderson (00:34)

Nice to meet you. Okay. Can you pull the box away? There you go and then show that to the camera so we can see. Yep, yep. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Put that right back where it was at. I'm sorry.

Anoop Joseph (01:07)


Marlo Anderson (01:18)


Anoop Joseph (01:19)


Marlo Anderson (01:33)

So works with gestures. Okay. So give me why you'd want to use this mouse instead of our standard mouse?

Anoop Joseph (01:42)


Marlo Anderson (01:59)


Anoop Joseph (02:00)


Marlo Anderson (02:02)

Sure, the fluidity of the process? Yes. Yep.

Anoop Joseph (02:11)

-Really sleek, nobody will notice. You can do different things. You can do touchback, and so forth. So it really helps the keynote speakers to focus, engage more with the audience. Especially as teachers, we want to walk around the classroom, and we want to engage with our students. And by sliding this on the fingers desk, we are able to control and able to focus on our audience rather than dealing with technology.

Marlo Anderson (02:39)

Very interesting. Very interesting. So what about ergonomics?

Anoop Joseph (02:42)


Marlo Anderson (02:43)

You mean, is there an advantage to this over a regular mouse and carpal tunnel and all that good stuff?

Anoop Joseph (02:48)

Absolutely. Because you can see it's, it fits all finger sizes, and it is sleek. Instead of usually, when you're presenting, you're carrying a microphone or some kind of thing, right? This frees your hands, right? You can actually engage more with the audience. And it's kind of a really rich moment. So it's really, once you learn how to use it, it's really easy to use.

Marlo Anderson (03:11)

So, the setup of this same thing as setting up a wireless mouse right now.

Anoop Joseph (03:17)

Absolutely Okay. Very easy. You connect through Bluetooth and you're good to go.

Marlo Anderson (03:21)

Okay, okay,

Anoop Joseph (03:22)

There's also an app, which provides you additional functionalities to adjust your speed, customize custom gestures, and so forth.

Marlo Anderson (03:30)

So outside of the things that you've talked about what other may be unusual or unique things can you do with this mouse that you couldn't do with a regular mouse? I mean, are you able to example draw something on a screen or things like that?

Anoop Joseph (03:43)

Absolutely. So, for example, if you are able to, so we have a laser pointer that you can use to highlight. So, it brings in all the different elements in one app. So for drawing applications, I will just maybe do a drag and drop demonstration right here. So it gives you fine control right like this. Yes. So drawing in 3d applications, there are some use cases where you're modeling something and then you want to show by just controlling you know, your 3D models.

Marlo Anderson (04:24)

Very, very interesting. What about the price point? How does it compare to a regular Bluetooth mouse?

Anoop Joseph (04:28)

It's available from and Amazon retailing for $130.

Marlo Anderson (04:32)


Anoop Joseph (04:32)


Marlo Anderson (04:33)

So but like a Microsoft mouse, a Bluetooth mouse, would run $99 anyway. Right?

Anoop Joseph (04:38)

Absolutely yes.

Marlo Anderson (04:38)

You know, and actually, a really good mouse will run you a couple of 100 bucks. Absolutely. Yes. So you're right in the same price range as what a good mouse would be.

Anoop Joseph (04:40)


Marlo Anderson (04:44)

So interesting. Okay. And that you said?

Anoop Joseph (04:51)

Marlo Anderson (04:52)

Okay. Okay.

Anoop Joseph (04:53)


Marlo Anderson (04:53)

Any other products that you have?

Anoop Joseph (04:55)

Yes, we are all also right now it comes with a case. So you can just dock it in. Next year, we are going to introduce a mouse version where you can actually use a mouse as well.

Marlo Anderson (04:55)


Anoop Joseph (04:59)

So you can dock into a computer mouse? Oh, you can use it as a mouse as well.

Marlo Anderson (05:11)

Interesting. Interesting. I'm assuming it's charging also in the case.

Anoop Joseph (05:15)


Marlo Anderson (05:16)


Anoop Joseph (05:16)

So this comes with an internal battery. So it's keeping it charged all the time.

Marlo Anderson (05:21)


Anoop Joseph (05:22)


Marlo Anderson (05:23)

And how long have you had this product on the market?

Anoop Joseph (05:25)

We have the mass production units coming out just a month ago.

Marlo Anderson (05:29)

Oh, okay.

Anoop Joseph (05:30)

And the product has three patents. And it's been under development for more than three years.

Marlo Anderson (05:35)

How's it going so far?

Anoop Joseph (05:36)

Very good.

Marlo Anderson (05:37)


Anoop Joseph (05:37)

We're getting great feedback and responses as well.

Marlo Anderson (05:40)

Good. Good. And that's a little too early to probably ask you how CES is going? Yes. But is this your first CES?

Anoop Joseph (05:47)

No, this is our third.

Marlo Anderson (05:48)

Okay. Okay. Yes. So a little different this year, isn't it?

Anoop Joseph (05:51)

Absolutely. Yes, we presented the prototype in 2020.

Marlo Anderson (05:52)

Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Anoop Joseph (05:56)

We got great feedback. And we made the product based on the feedback we received.

Marlo Anderson (06:01)

Very interesting

Anoop Joseph (06:02)

And back in 2021, Virtual CES, we got more feedback. And we were able to incorporate that into our use cases.

Marlo Anderson (06:09)

So CES has been very instrumental in the development of this product.

Anoop Joseph (06:12)

Absolutely. So we get to engage with our users and get live feedback. And we iterate our product based on what our customer needs.

Marlo Anderson (06:20)

Very cool. All right, well, once again, where do we find more information.

Anoop Joseph (06:24)

You can go to to order and know the videos and product reviews, as well as to order the product, and also the product can be purchased through Amazon.

Marlo Anderson (06:35)

Okay. Very good. It's been a pleasure having you on the show today. I actually look forward to it, I'm going to order one of these.

Anoop Joseph (06:42)

Thank you.

Marlo Anderson (06:43)

I get so tired of a regular mouse and the gesture part of it for me is going to be fantastic.

Anoop Joseph (06:49)

Especially if working from home

Marlo Anderson (06:51)


Anoop Joseph (06:51)

table setup. You can simply, you know, relax, walk around and control your Zoom or Skype foundations with us. And once you learn it, it's really easy to use.

Marlo Anderson (07:01)

And I really agree with you about that presentation piece because there's nothing that kills a presentation like you have to go to that mouse and move. You know if there's some issue going on with your presentation to move

Anoop Joseph (07:12)

You have to really go back to the podium or you're stuck at the podium.

Marlo Anderson (07:14)


Anoop Joseph (07:14)

But this one gives you engagement with the audience. You can walk around, do all kinds of things.

Marlo Anderson (07:19)

Yeah, I think it's impressive. So all right. Very good. Thank you very much.

Anoop Joseph (07:22)

Thank you for having me.

Marlo Anderson (07:22)

Have a great CES.

Erin Hurst (07:26)

TPN CES 2022 coverage is executive produced by Michele Mendez. Technical Directors are Kurt Corless and Adam Barker. Associate producers are Nancy Ertz and Maurice McCoy. Interviews are edited by Jo Mini. Hosts are Marlo Anderson, Todd Cochrane, Scott Ertz, Christopher Jordan, Daniele Mendez, and Allante Sparks. Las Vegas studio provided by HC Productions. Remote studio provided by PLUGHITZ Productions. This has been Tech Podcasts Network Production, copyright 2022.

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