SECURAM Systems: Wi-Fi-enabled biometric home smart lock @ CES 2022 - Show Notes

SECURAM Systems: Wi-Fi-enabled biometric home smart lock @ CES 2022

Thursday Mar 3, 2022 (00:09:07)


Every aspect of our lives is getting smarter. From our cars to our lightbulbs, we have the ability to turn things on and off, lock and unlock devices, and open and close our doors. One company that is getting serious about connecting one of the most high-profile aspects of our homes, our door locks, is SECURAM Systems, which has introduced a new smart lock for the home.

Who is SECURAM Systems?

SECURAM Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of safe locks, announced that it has won the Mark of Excellence Award from the Consumer Technology Association for its EOS Smart Home Lock. The touch-to-open lock can be controlled with your smartphone and comes with a host of features to make your home more secure, including Wi-Fi connectivity and a built-in alarm.

The company's products are designed to give you peace of mind and security in your home, whether you're there or not. The company's commitment to quality has earned it the trust of major banks and financial institutions around the world, which rely on SECURAM's safe locks to protect their valuables.

What does the SECURAM Smart Home Lock offer?

The SECURAM EOS Smart Home Lock is a touch-to-open lock that can be controlled with your smartphone. The Wi-Fi-enabled lock comes with a built-in alarm and is designed to make your home more secure. It contains a number of features that we have come to expect from connected locks, such as a keypad and biometric sensor. But, it adds some features that are missing on other products.

First, it is a fully connected lock. That means that you can access the state of the lock remotely. This is important for a couple of reasons. First, you can verify that you have locked your door even after you've left the house. If you forgot, you can fix it remotely, as well. Plus, you can unlock it if someone is there and is having trouble getting in.

Most interestingly, the company has directly addressed the lack of a physical key. Normally, the key is a backup in the event the battery fails or the sensors stop functioning correctly. In the case of this lock, the company has added a hidden 9-volt battery contact on the outside. With that, you can power the lock for a short burst in order to get in. The biggest drawback is that no one carries a 9-volt battery, and most people don't have one at all (outside of a smoke detector).

What are some other features of SECURAM's home security suite?

In addition to the SECURAM Smart Home Lock, the company also offers a line of new products in its home security suite, including a garage door controller, a smart light switch, and a siren that detects intrusions. These products are designed to give you peace of mind and security in your home, whether you're there or not.

The SECURAM Garage Door Controller lets you control your garage door from your smartphone. The controller is Wi-Fi-enabled and comes with an app that allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world. You can also set up alerts so that you're notified when someone opens or closes your garage door.

The SECURAM Smart Light Switch gives you the ability to turn on and off your lights remotely. The switch is Wi-Fi-enabled and can be controlled with your smartphone. You can also set up schedules so that your lights turn on and off at certain times of the day.

The SECURAM Siren is a battery-operated device that detects intrusions and sounds an alarm. The siren is designed to alert you to potential danger, whether you're home or away. The siren can be placed anywhere in your home, and it comes with an app that allows you to control it remotely.


SECURAM Systems is dedicated to making our homes smarter and more secure. With its new line of home security products, they are helping us do just that. To learn more about SECURAM Systems' EOS Smart Home Lock or any of its other products, visit the company's website or Amazon store.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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Erin Hurst (00:07)

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Christopher Jordan (00:28)

Well, we have here with us is Kristine Lucero.

Kristine Lucero (00:32)

Kristine Lucero.

Christopher Jordan (00:33)

Lucero with Securam Systems, Inc. Tell us a little bit about your product. And what brought it to life.

Kristine Lucero (00:39)

Sure, this is the Securam Eos. It's a Wi-Fi direct fingerprint, Smart Lock. You can unlock it, unlock it with your fingerprint. Also, with your phone app, get the notifications, history of the door status. There's also an override key that you can use in case the battery was to go out. There's integration with Alexa and Google Home. So it's a brand new lock. We received the mark of excellence award from CTA this year for this Smart Home Lock. So we're really excited to have you learn about it.

Christopher Jordan (01:22)

I was gonna say, that is a lot of options for your typical Smart Lock. Because I mean, typically, you know, maybe you've got a thumbprint or something like that. Maybe some kind of remote access with your phone. Yeah, but let's start getting into the different ways that you can access the lock real quick.

Michael (01:39)

Yeah, totally. So on top, you'll see that we've placed the fingerprint sensor, kind of at an angle, so it's easier to use, you know, some of them have placed kind of an awkward place, but we have it on top. So we can do fingerprint access. There's a touchpad on the front. So you can have a code. And behind this little plate here. Like Kristine was saying, if there is any, like, you're away from home, your vacation, you know, you ignore that push notification that we sent you that the battery's low.

Christopher Jordan (02:09)


Michael (02:10)

You can use your key to get in. And we also have like two little nubs here. That's for a nine volt jumper. So you know, you don't have your keys, you know, carrying keys defeats the purpose of this lock. So you can just temporarily power it with that. And of course, you can use an app. We have our new app. It's SECURAM Guard, and we're launching a suite of home security products.

Christopher Jordan (02:32)


Michael (02:32)

That you can manage in one app.

Christopher Jordan (02:34)

Wow, that is really cool. Because of course, my first question was, what happens if the electricity is out at your house and you have no WiFi?

Michael (02:41)

Right. So this does connect to your router, you know, Wi Fi directly to the router. And if the WiFi goes out or the internet goes out, you can't control it remotely. But all your fingerprints and codes are stored on the lock itself. So it doesn't really need to be a connected lock.

Christopher Jordan (02:56)

Okay. Okay. Wow. Now, what was it that brought this idea to life for you?

Michael (03:02)

So Securam has, we're primarily a safe lock business. And we've kind of been quite innovative in that world. And we've had fingerprint, you know, biometrics locks, for that for quite some time. And it just made sense for us to kind of move into this smart home and include biometrics.

Christopher Jordan (03:24)

Now, what kind of mark are you looking at other markets other than just the home market for this?

Michael (03:30)

Um, right now we're looking at I mean, eventually, right. We're gonna start with residential. We want to provide, you know, home monitoring service, and then maybe expand to small and large corporation protection.

Christopher Jordan (03:43)

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And I've been looking at a lot of this kind of stuff for my home, because I do a lot of travel. And I have a small kid, he doesn't necessarily know how to-

Michael (03:54)


Christopher Jordan (03:55)

Operate. I mean, he knows how to operate a keyed, deadbolt, things like that. But how many different people can you assign to the lock?

Michael (04:02)

So this typical lock can have nine users, and each user can have two fingerprints, enrolled and a code.

Christopher Jordan (04:10)


Michael (04:11)

So like, kids, you don't want to give them a key. You know, it's kind of a responsibility if they lose it or whatever.

Kristine Lucero (04:18)


Christopher Jordan (04:18)

How are they gonna get into the house?

Michael (04:19)

Yeah. It's really easy for the kid to just scan his fingerprint.

Christopher Jordan (04:23)

Great. And what kind of security is there on this lock for your biometrics, stuff like that? Does your stuff live in a cloud? Great,

Michael (04:28)

You know, It does not. It's only local. Yeah, the thing that is really, I guess, actually, nothing is stored on the cloud in terms of access.

Christopher Jordan (04:41)

Oh, wow.

Michael (04:41)

It's all local.

Christopher Jordan (04:42)


Michael (04:43)

So when you do say use our app to open the lock. You type in your code, and it goes through typical encryption in 128 bit, and each week we have another layer of read so it's always different. You know, you know how it is. And yeah, all the codes and fingerprints are stored on the lock itself.

Christopher Jordan (05:05)

Wow. Now, what are we talking about as far as heat, durability, weather, things like that? What's the average lifespan that you're looking at?

Michael (05:15)

So, this lock, we haven't got the ratings yet but around IP 54. So you know, rain? No problem.

Christopher Jordan (05:23)


Michael (05:24)

For heat and or the operating temperature is around -14 Fahrenheit.

Kristine Lucero (05:30)


Michael (05:30)

Up to 140. So if it's sitting out in the sun all day, you know, and this is Blacklock it's gonna get hotter than usual.

Christopher Jordan (05:37)

Sure, sure.

Michael (05:38)

It'll be fine.

Christopher Jordan (05:38)

I was just about to ask is the one thing I live in Texas myself.

Michael (05:42)


Christopher Jordan (05:43)

The heat and the sun are blistering. So what? What kind of protection do you need for the actual thumb pad from sunlight? Anything like that? Is it better in a shaded location?

Michael (05:54)

Obviously, it'd be better if it's shaded, but if it is experiencing, you know, those hot elements, it should be fine.

Christopher Jordan (06:01)

Awesome. Yeah. Awesome. Now, what kind of price point? Are you looking at this for this item? Is it already available out on the market?

Michael (06:08)

Yup. So we launched it, I think maybe in November.

Kristine Lucero (06:11)

Yeah. November 2021.

Michael (06:13)

And we've been selling it just direct on our e-commerce website at And it's also available on Amazon. The retail price for this lock is $269.

Christopher Jordan (06:25)


Michael (06:25)

And it is on sale for $169 which is.

Christopher Jordan (06:29)

Is it a CES special or a code?

Michael (06:33)

Nope. You go. You can go on Amazon or our store right now. And it's on sale for $169.

Christopher Jordan (06:38)

Fantastic. Now, before we let you go any, any upgrades, you're looking at any new stuff on the horizon?

Michael (06:44)

So um, I would say with the firmware of the lock. No. But our app is constantly receiving upgrades and you know, improving the user experience. It does connect to a couple of integrations, but we're expanding our use within the app. So there'll be routines. Okay, we have a light switch that's coming out that has like couple, you know, a few buttons on it. And you can set up a routine. So I'm gonna go to bed and make sure all the lights are off. It's gonna check if all my doors are locked. And if they're not the lock the doors and alarm my system.

Christopher Jordan (07:18)

Awesome. Yeah. Awesome. That is really, really great Smart Home connectivity. Tell everybody where they can go to get their secure.

Kristine Lucero (07:28)


Christopher Jordan (07:28)


Kristine Lucero (07:28)

It's okay.

Michael (07:29)

Yeah. So the Securam EOS is available on our Web Store. And that's And it's also available on Amazon. Awesome.

Christopher Jordan (07:39)

Thank you guys so much.

Kristine Lucero (07:40)

Thank you.

Michael (07:41)

Thank you for having as.

Kristine Lucero (07:41)

Chris. I just want to introduce Michael's planner. He is our US designer.

Michael (07:46)

That's me.

Kristine Lucero (07:47)

He designed Securam Guard App Designer here. So he is well experienced and very talented.

Christopher Jordan (07:53)

Awesome. Yeah, that is one incredible product. I really like the as somebody who plays with nine bolts all day. So I love the nine volt jumper on the list. The fact that you can just pop a nine volt battery and power it to get back in the house real quick. Yeah, Cuz I've got three nine volt batteries sitting in my backpack right now.

Michael (08:13)


Christopher Jordan (08:13)

I'd never leave home without two of them. So really, really great stuff. Thank you guys so much for coming on and taking the time today on a very busy relaunch CES 2022.

Michael (08:25)

Thank you for having us.

Kristine Lucero (08:26)

Thank you so much.

Christopher Jordan (08:26)

Awsome. Incredible stuff.

Erin Hurst (08:30)

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