Liddle Speaker: Must-have Bluetooth speaker for music lovers @ CES 2022 - Show Notes

Liddle Speaker: Must-have Bluetooth speaker for music lovers @ CES 2022

Saturday Jan 29, 2022 (00:05:54)


Ok, so yeah, we know... you can get a Bluetooth speaker just about anywhere, nowadays. They come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, with varying degrees of quality and features. Honestly, you'd think that a tech broadcast like us might even be pretty sick of them by now. But honestly, that couldn't be further from the truth. It would seem that we just can't seem to get enough of them because we know that each one can provide a different experience depending on the situation.

One thing's for sure, after learning more about this one, we like what we see. So, if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is portable, durable, and boasts fantastic audio performance? Look no further than the Liddle Speaker! This speaker is absolutely perfect for all music lovers, thanks to its sleek design and rugged construction. You will love how slick the Liddle Speaker looks, while totally appreciating how easily it fits into your gym bag, backpack, or purse. Whether you're at the beach, gym, relaxing in your office, or backyard, the Liddle Speaker is essential for music fans looking to take their tunes wherever they go!

What is the Liddle Speaker?

The Liddle Speaker is a must-have Bluetooth-compatible speaker for any music lover. It features a unique, magnetic absorption technology that allows it to easily attach to any surface and it is also integrated with Mag Safe so it can piggyback right onto your compatible phone case. Thanks to its small but mighty design features and excellent sound quality with enhanced bass, the Liddle Speaker is perfect for taking your tunes wherever you go! It is truly essential equipment for music fans looking to take their music everywhere with them.

Who is the Liddle Speaker for?

So, who is the Liddle Speaker for? Well, really, this unique speaker is for anyone and everyone! With its portable design and great sound quality, the Liddle Speaker is perfect for any music lover. So, if you're looking for a Bluetooth speaker that delivers fantastic audio performances and is perfect for taking your tunes wherever you go, the Liddle Speaker is for you!

The Liddle Speaker is equipped with the newest Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth 5.0 Chip gives a smooth connection while decreasing the number of times your music or podcast is disconnected. And if you are looking for an even better acoustic experience from these little beauts, simply utilize wireless stereo pairing using two Liddle Speakers via a single device for double that ultimate stereo sound. You can also get the most from movie/video time on your laptop and/or cell phone by using the adhesive metal ring to magnetize the speaker to it and create movie surround sound.


You can get a closer look for yourself by watching our full interview and more info by visiting their website, Here. You can also choose your favorite color while purchasing yours for $29.99 on Amazon. And let us know what you think in the comments section.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Erin Hurst (0:07)

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Todd Cochrane (0:21)

All right, everybody, we've got our next guest here. We've got Dan Cass from Liddle Speakers, and he's the founder. Welcome to the show.

Dan Cass (0:28)

Well, thank you so much for having me.

Todd Cochrane (0:30)

Yeah, absolutely. So, Liddle, they are.

Dan Cass (0:33)

Yes, they are.

Todd Cochrane (0:34)

Liddle is spelled with two Ds, not with two T's. So tell me about your product.

Dan Cass (0:39)

Well, this is the world's first Bluetooth magnetic speaker that actually touches right to the back of an iPhone.

Todd Cochrane (0:45)

Oh, very nice.

Dan Cass (0:46)

So, the magnet touches right to the back of the iPhone, or my iPhone case.

Todd Cochrane (0:51)

Awesome. So you know, when you come to CES, you always, Liddle Speakers are a dime a dozen but you're right.

Dan Cass (1:02)


Todd Cochrane (1:03)

Not the ones which you can just put on your phone.

Dan Cass (1:07)

Well, you know what's interesting about it is that we built the magnet right inside the unit itself. So you can magnetize this right directly to your refrigerator, your bumper on your car, your toolbox outside, anything metal. Then inside the box, we actually have these two little rings so if you wanted to stick one on drywall, you just stick it on the drywall and then you got it. It's magnetized there and put in your shower. It's water-resistant also.

Todd Cochrane (1:30)

Yeah, so much a simple idea and adds a whole bunch of different versatility. Now, I'll be honest with you, if I have a toolbox, I'm definitely going to put a black one on. I'm not going to put a pink one on my toolbox.

Dan Cass (1:42)

The ladies love the pink and Valentine's Day is coming too though.

Todd Cochrane (1:46)

That's right. So I am assuming by your packaging and everything it looks like are you on market with this already?

Dan Cass (1:53)

We are on market. We launched it on market in mid-October and so we had a great two months start so far. We're so happy to be here at CES and it's exciting.

Todd Cochrane (2:02)

Is this your guys' first year here?

Dan Cass (2:04)

No, actually, I was here in 2020. We did Showstoppers and we were the second hottest startup there.

Todd Cochrane (2:11)


Dan Cass (2:11)

So we were in the top 10 groups and we came in second place.

Todd Cochrane (2:14)

Oh, fantastic. So tell me a little bit then just about the speaker itself. Is there anything extraordinary besides the magnet that you guys have got going on there?

Dan Cass (2:23)

Yeah, absolutely and it's the sound and the sound quality. So what we put into the speaker is actually Bluetooth 5.0. So the 5.0 allows you to transfer the data, it's twice as fast and we're able to sync actually two speakers together. That gives you 360 degrees of surround sound so we're going left to right, so when you watch a movie, so we're at the booth, we're doing a demo with the Top Gun clip, the trailer going on, and you can hear the Jets going by and it just sounds amazing coming out of the speakers,

Todd Cochrane (2:50)

You're not necessarily going to put a surround sound system in your kid's room or maybe at your desk, you're not going to necessarily have a surround sound system. So this actually almost acts as that functionality then?

Dan Cass (3:03)

Yeah, you can put it right on the back as I say, magnetize it right to the back and inside each box, we actually have these rings. Put this ring right on the wall, on the back of your computer and so now you got to better enhanced sound on your computer. What else makes it so interesting? So we launched over at unveiled has we actually put a microphone in it and I don't know if you can see. So now I can use it on a Zoom call. So we can use the speaker as a kickstand, boom, you know, I can be on a Zoom call. watch movies either way. That allows us to play, you know, an enhanced bass that we have in there that really gives you that deep sound, and again, it's that surround sound. So in the microphone itself, the clarity of it, allowing you to communicate with others. So you're in a family gathering and doing a zoom call, or FaceTime, boom.

Todd Cochrane (3:58)

How does the microphone compare to a standard smartphone microphone?

Dan Cass (4:05)

Yeah, we're in the development of the microphone. Right now, we're going through the review process that's going to come out later this year. The speaker itself like I say, we launched this speaker this October 2021.

Todd Cochrane (4:17)


Dan Cass (4:17)

So that's on the market on You can get that right now for 2999.

Todd Cochrane (4:22)

Awesome you know, that's the key 2999 So we're starting to hear that that price point a few times. While we during the show we are always trying to determine where that media market ranges for. I would call this the gadget category right?

Dan Cass (4:38)


Todd Cochrane (4:39)

Something it's fun and looks to me like the perfect Valentine's gift as well as whole past Christmas for the stocking stuffers.

Dan Cass (4:48)

Dad's Day, the birthdays. They're all coming. You know, it's a great gift.

Todd Cochrane (4:52)

Absolutely. So Liddle speaker is it

Dan Cass (4:56)

It is. Liddle with the letter D as in Delta.

Todd Cochrane (4:59)

Of course, you can find these on Amazon as well. So, everyone, definitely check these out. Dan, thanks for coming over and showing up your speakers. Best of luck on the second-gen with the microphone. We will confer that.

Dan Cass

Awesome. Thank you for having me.

Todd Cochrane

Absolutely. So very exciting stuff.

Erin Hurst (5:17)

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