mayday Pro: A game-changer for appliance consumers @ CES 2022 - Show Notes

mayday Pro: A game-changer for appliance consumers @ CES 2022

Tuesday Feb 8, 2022 (00:12:54)


When it comes to appliances, things sometimes go wrong. And when they do, you're left with two options: try to fix it yourself or call a technician. If you've ever tried to fix an appliance yourself, you know that it can be difficult and time-consuming - not to mention frustrating. That's where mayday Pro comes in.

What is mayday Pro?

mayday Pro is a Connected on-demand help for appliances, designed to make your life easier. With mayday Pro, you have access to the latest user manual whenever you need it, as well as access to appliance manufacturers' customer service personnel 24/7. So if something goes wrong with your appliance, don't worry - mayday Pro has you covered! mayday Pro is the only way to get help when it matters most - anytime, anywhere, and on any device. mayday Pro allows you to connect with an expert from your favorite appliance manufacturer who will walk you through how to fix common issues like a broken door seal or leaking water dispenser.

mayday Pro adds smart capabilities for non-connected appliances by connecting them directly with manufacturers' technical support staff via video chat, phone call, and voice command. mayday Pro can even be used in conjunction with other services such as Amazon Echo Show and Google Home so that users can simply say "Alexa, ask mayday" or "Okay Google: Ask mayday" and receive immediate step-by-step instructions on how to address common issues such as a leaking water dispenser.

How does mayday Pro work?

Let's say you've got a washing machine that has the mayday Pro system built-in and you start seeing water on your floor. This means that you've got direct access to the manual for the appliance right at your fingertips. This is a huge benefit, as anyone who has ever looked for a manual, especially a technical manual, knows that most search results are scams. With the manual, you can look into what might have gone wrong to cause the water.

Once you have the problem figured out, you can go back to the platform and use it to order the part. This is assuming you're ready and willing to get into the appliance and fix it yourself. What if you're not willing or able, or the fix doesn't work?

mayday Pro also gives you direct access to licensed servicers in your area who are able to fix the specific problem you have. And, most importantly, it's free to the user. The company gets paid a commission when you order and pay for services from one of the repair companies they recommend.

If you have an older appliance or one from a manufacturer who does not build it in, you can still add the feature on yourself. You can pick up one of the service tags and attach it to your appliance, adding the smart capabilities to your washer, dryer, refrigerator, and more.


The mayday Pro service is available now, both built-in and add-on. To learn more about the service or run a search, head over to the website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Scott Ertz

Host, Episode Author

Scott is a developer who has worked on projects of varying sizes, including all of the PLUGHITZ Corporation properties. He is also known in the gaming world for his time supporting the rhythm game community, through DDRLover and hosting tournaments throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Currently, when he is not working on software projects or hosting F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, Scott can often be found returning to his high school days working with the Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), mentoring teams and helping with ROBOTICON Tampa Bay. He has also helped found a student software learning group, the ASCII Warriors, currently housed at AMRoC Fab Lab.


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Erin Hurst (00:07)

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Scott Ertz (00:21)

We have our next guest here. Hello.

Neda Mehdizadeh (00:24)

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Scott Ertz (00:27)

You as well. Go ahead and introduce yourself for me.

Neda Mehdizadeh (00:31)

So my name is Neda. I am the CEO and co-founder of the Mayday Pro. So I got my Ph.D. at the University of Akron and now I'm working on a Mayday Pro, a start-up. It was university-based and it's started in 2021. Early 2021.

Scott Ertz (00:52)


Neda Mehdizadeh (00:52)

So have you ever heard of like the term Mayday in the flying industry?

Scott Ertz (00:59)

Of what? I'm sorry.

Neda Mehdizadeh (01:01)

The Mayday term?

Scott Ertz (01:02)

Oh, yeah, absolutely.

Neda Mehdizadeh (01:04)

So it is like a similar concept. So for, just for people who don't know, so Mayday means when the pilot has an issue, serious problem controlling or using the plane. He or she goes on the radio and says Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. So, at that time, everyone go laser focus to help him or her land safely. So it is a similar term for our startup. So let's say it is like in cold wintertime, and suddenly your heating system stops working. So what is the best thing you can do? So isn't that cool if you find someone that has the same as, find something that has a similar capability and you just say, Mayday, Mayday, and get the help right away? So we use that concept and that was our mindset to start this business. So Mayday Pro is a connected on-demand help for appliances when the consumer needed most. It has smart capabilities non-connected appliances. Are you still in line?

Scott Ertz (02:14)

Yep, we're here.

Neda Mehdizadeh (02:16)

And enhance the user experience and optimize the operation and boost the sale for the manufacturer. So it has advantages for both the customer, consumers as well as the manufacturers. So let me give you some examples. For consumers, have you ever looked at several? Does it happen for you, if you look for a manual and can't find it, or spend several hours to just find a product manual, and you cannot figure out where you look, put the hardcopy and then you search Google and cannot find it?

Scott Ertz (02:53)

Yes, I. Searching for a manual is one of the worst things in the world. Because you go and you search online. And all of the results that come back are like scam sites that don't actually give you the manual.

Neda Mehdizadeh (03:10)

That's true. So and also keeping those at home, it's very hard like many of the clutter so you usually throw away the old manuals. So Mayday Pro actually helps with that. So you can like have the manual just by tapping your smartphone on your appliance, and you just get the manual right away. The other thing is. The other feature for the consumer side is actually. It happens to me a lot when I have a simple issue with one piece of equipment, equipment at home, and I had to call the customer service and just wait for several minutes or even hours to just talk to an agent and resolve my issue. But with Mayday Pro actually, you don't have to do that. So you can just do the quick like fixing up your, for the simple issues, you can easily fix your appliance yourself and get the answer.

Scott Ertz (04:12)

Okay, so what is this? Is this a physical product? Is it an app? What? Where does this fit in?

Neda Mehdizadeh (04:20)

So it has both actually. It is like a simple NFC tag that goes on your device and it connects to your app.

Scott Ertz (04:30)


Neda Mehdizadeh (04:31)

And if had a kind of data collection in the back end, we improve the user experience by collecting data during the time. So on the manufacturer side, it has some advantages too. So one of them, there's a heavy load for the after-sale department just answering the customers for the simple like troubleshooting questions. So it removes that load from the manufacturer and just puts it under the customer side. And it's also, the other advantage it has is like most of the issue with the manufacturers and also them. The issue with that the technicians have is like sending before going to the site, they don't know what parts they have, or what is the exact model of the device that they have to fix?

Scott Ertz (05:25)

Yeah, for sure.

Neda Mehdizadeh (05:27)

So they have to, like have several trips to the site. Just one trip, they just figure out what parts they need, and what is the issue, and on the second trip, they like to fix that issue. So it eliminates the first strip, actually. So on the first-hand side, first time, like the contacting or know what parts they need, and what they have to take with them to the site. So all of these are the advantages of this system.

Scott Ertz (05:55)

Gotcha. Okay, so is this something that's integrated by the manufacturer? Is this something that I put on afterward for a product that the manufacturer hasn't done anything with? How does this work?

Neda Mehdizadeh (06:09)

It works on both sides, actually. So manufacturers can do that, like on the first-hand side, so for the future customer, and also for the, like, insurance companies for the home appliances, or, like even the technicians, like companies that are doing the HVAC fixing. So they all have like can have this system and implemented for their needs. So it is like that it can be customized for each device and can be applied for both sides.

Scott Ertz (06:40)

Okay, so let's say I, and this is a bad example for anybody who's watching live because we just talked about the washer that I have. But let's say I have a washing machine that doesn't have any, it's just bare-bones, maybe I bought it online, and I get it. And I want to put the NFC tag on it. I can add that to myself.

Neda Mehdizadeh (07:07)

Yes, it looks like you can do it. So from the manufacturer or the like the service company, you can get that if they have that system. You can get that tag and just put it on your device and by just scanning it with your smartphone, you can connect with them and on the troubled events, get the manual and troubleshoot it yourself or even ask for the technician.

Scott Ertz (07:28)

Okay. So in my case, I would probably have you know, let's say I have a technical service. They might add it for me and for themselves for future work.

Neda Mehdizadeh (07:42)

Yes, definitely. If you're a registered customer, they will send it to your door and you can just implement it on your device.

Scott Ertz (07:48)

Okay. Gotcha. That's, that's really cool. So what kind of cost is involved in this?

Neda Mehdizadeh (07:55)

It is almost free. Doesn't have any cost. So for the tiger, there are just a few signs, and then like it is like the most like. It doesn't have any cost for the customer.

Scott Ertz (08:08)

Okay. Does it have cost for the service company? Obviously, you guys have to make money somewhere to keep your lights on.

Neda Mehdizadeh (08:18)

It is like a commission-based service.

Scott Ertz (08:21)

Oh, Okay. Interesting. So it's based on, like, commissions on referring business to technicians.

Neda Mehdizadeh (08:33)

Yes. So what how. So whenever like a customer use that and the amount that they use it. So we will fix the commission, and then we will get that.

Scott Ertz (08:43)

Oh, okay. I understand. That's, that is a fascinating business model. So you'll help me. So I have the tag. I scan the tag. And I'm told, you know, here's your model, here's all your information. Whatever it is, it's a simple fix. I need a hose. I can deal with that through the app? Can I get the hose from you?

Neda Mehdizadeh (09:07)

So it depends on the manufacturer. So if they have it, yes. If not, they will like it, so the app can direct you to like other providers.

Scott Ertz (09:16)


Neda Mehdizadeh (09:17)

So you can actually, It can guide you to find the right parts. So like the actual size for the hose, for example.

Scott Ertz (09:24)

Got it. Okay, I understand. So it gives me all the information and then let's say the problem is bigger than just a hose. It can also refer me to a technician in my area for example who can come out and install that.

Neda Mehdizadeh (09:38)

Yeah. Absolutely. That is the major part of this project.

Scott Ertz (09:41)

Okay. Fantastic. That's really cool. So where did this idea come from?

Neda Mehdizadeh (09:47)

So actually, that has a long story. So we started that like a few years ago with like, we tried different industries so maybe like. It might be funny, but like few years I go, me and my husband started that business with the restaurant business. Our idea started with like, the smart menus that now you can see in almost all restaurants.

Scott Ertz (10:10)


Neda Mehdizadeh (10:11)

So but then somehow that idea didn't work out. And then we switched because both of us had like engineering background. So we switch to an idea that's closer to our field. And we started that mid-April.

Scott Ertz (10:27)

Okay. Very cool. So, for you personally, what's your favorite feature of this product?

Neda Mehdizadeh (10:36)

For my-. So actually, now I'm working more on the data part. So my feature is, my favorite part is like, actually applying the AI to the system and like, making like custom based, like, based on improving like the user experience based on the collected data.

Scott Ertz (10:54)

Okay. That, as a software engineer myself, I understand. I appreciate that part too. So if people want to learn more about this product, how can they find out more?

Neda Mehdizadeh (11:11)

So we have a website, and they can easily like, send us a message and we will reply, and we will be in contact. Also, we have a booth at the CES and we will be happy to answer any que-. Answer the questions in the CES as well.

Scott Ertz (11:28)

Fantastic. What's the website?

Neda Mehdizadeh (11:31)

The website is

Scott Ertz (11:34) Gotcha.

Neda Mehdizadeh (11:37)

And our booth number is 60861.

Scott Ertz (11:41)

Okay, so you must be, you must be downstairs at the Venetian.

Neda Mehdizadeh (11:45)


Scott Ertz (11:47)

Very cool. Well, I really appreciate you coming and talking today. This is a really cool product. At the very least, it prevents me from having to deal with scam websites trying to sell me user manuals. And the best, and at the best, I can find a technician to solve a problem. So this is fantastic.

Neda Mehdizadeh (12:08)

Thank you so much.

Scott Ertz (12:10)

Thank you have a good rest of the show.

Neda Mehdizadeh (12:13)

Thank you, bye.

Erin Hurst (12:17)

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