KONO SHOU: the Eye-catching Display That Attracts Consumers @ CES 2022 - Show Notes

KONO SHOU: the Eye-catching Display That Attracts Consumers @ CES 2022

Sunday Jan 23, 2022 (00:14:01)


If you're looking for an attention-grabbing display that will help increase sales and attract consumers, look no further than KONO's SHOU! This unique device is perfect for any business wanting to make a big impression. Its eye-catching design is sure to grab the attention of passersby, and its waterproof construction makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

What is the KONO SHOU?

The KONO SHOU is a unique device that was created to help businesses increase sales and attract consumers. It's known for its eye-catching display that grabs a consumer's attention inside and outside of stores, as well as at trade shows or pop-up events. There are two versions of the device: one which can be controlled by Bluetooth with an app and an advanced model that can be centrally controlled nationwide through telecommunication networks using NB-IoT.

How Does the KONO SHOU Work?

The base technology for this product has been around for a long time. Theme parks have offered a rudimentary version of the tech for years. They came in the form of a spinning device onto which you could program words and short phrases. When you spin the device around, the LEDs on the front would light up in the right frequencies to spell out whatever you had entered. That is the same general idea here.

There are obviously a few major differences. The first is that you are not required to spin a device in your hand. Instead, the LED matrix exists on a pair of fan blades that spin on their own using a motor. The second major difference is that the LEDs are not on the tip of the fan blades, but across the entire front. This gives the device the ability to create large, uninterrupted images.

The third major difference between the KONO SHOU and the devices from theme parks and fairs is that the LEDs can change colors. In the past, they were generally only available in red. With these devices, they can change on the fly, giving the image designer a lot more flexibility in what they want to produce.

The fourth and most important difference is that it's not just static words and phrases that can be shown across the display. Instead, you can show images and animations as well. When paired with its large size, this makes for an incredible visual - animated items literally floating in the air.

Who is KONO SHOU for?

The KONO SHOU is for any business that wants to make a big impression. Its eye-catching design is sure to grab the attention of passersby, and its waterproof construction makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Whether you're looking for a way to increase sales at your store or want to draw in more customers at a trade show or pop-up event, the KONO SHOU is a great solution!


The KONO SHOU is expected to be available at the end of February 2022. To learn more about the product or to contact them about purchasing one, head to the company's website.

Interview by Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch.

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Scott Ertz

Episode Author

Scott is a developer who has worked on projects of varying sizes, including all of the PLUGHITZ Corporation properties. He is also known in the gaming world for his time supporting the rhythm game community, through DDRLover and hosting tournaments throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Currently, when he is not working on software projects or hosting F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, Scott can often be found returning to his high school days working with the Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), mentoring teams and helping with ROBOTICON Tampa Bay. He has also helped found a student software learning group, the ASCII Warriors, currently housed at AMRoC Fab Lab.


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Marlo Anderson (00:27)

Next up, Kono. Am I saying that right?

Kono Kim (00:31)

Yeah. Nice to meet you. Thank you.

Marlo Anderson (00:32)

Nice to meet you too Kono. So welcome to the show. And I had to take my glasses off because I cannot see through the fog you know, all the time. So I'm not- you are an engineer and designer and you've had a few inventions so this sounds fantastic. We're gonna, we're gonna see what you built here.

Kono Kim (00:53)

Actually, this is the world's first customizable IoT smart digital messaging system.

Marlo Anderson (01:00)


Kono Kim (01:00)

So, simply speaking, if you input any message on the app and you make the color of each letter, size, font, everything select. Then this information will be transmitted to the device by Bluetooth.

Marlo Anderson (01:18)


Kono Kim (01:19)

And you can see from in the air promptly by using the afterimage effect of the LED. So, this part is the showing the images.

Marlo Anderson (01:31)


Kono Kim (01:31)

So you can see the donut shape afterimage effect to too low, upper low, lower low.

Marlo Anderson (01:40)


Kono Kim (01:40)

And from the front and rear side.

Marlo Anderson (01:43)


Kono Kim (01:43)

So, you can, put in on the table like this, by using the magnetics with the air pressure suction

Marlo Anderson (01:52)


Kono Kim (01:53)

If you put in on the show window just using the suction only without this core.

Marlo Anderson (02:02)

Gotcha. So you can mount it- -into the wall or whatever.

Kono Kim (02:04)

Yeah. And not only for the shop promotion. We can use it for the B2B market too. For example, via using the NB-IoT system which is the service from the telecommunication companies. Then the older, the bigger size companies, they can control all the devices by area, by shop, and even by each device from the headquarter.

Marlo Anderson (02:33)


Kono Kim (02:34)

So they can send all the information and promotion messages immediately at once. So each of the shops can promote and this is good why? There are so many advertisements so people are not interested in seeing the advertisement.

Marlo Anderson (02:51)


Kono Kim (02:52)

But this is very interesting. So is the eye-catching item? So people say" Oh, what's this quite strange? Interesting." So this device can attract people's interest. This is important.

Marlo Anderson (03:06)

So do we have a way to show everybody what this looks like when it's running?

Kono Kim (03:11)


Marlo Anderson (03:12)

Do we have it? Do we have it doing a power that we can put to this or?

Kono Kim (03:15)

Not now because this is just a prototype.

Marlo Anderson (03:18)

I see, ok.

Kono Kim (03:19)

And we can show you the working sample by the end of February?

Marlo Anderson (03:23)

Okay. Okay, very good. I have seen, obviously not yours because I'm very I bet I've seen others that are maybe a little similar to it sounds like yours is you know much more dynamic but they're amazing.

Kono Kim (03:37)

Yeah and you can the list of the display time. for example, you input the list of the, make the several sentences, several kinds of the advertisement work. And you can put the, you can pre-schedule of each promotion, then it will promote your message in a schedule.

Marlo Anderson (03:58)

Yep. It actually almost has a 3D holographic look to it when it runs right I mean, it looks like it's just floating in the air when it's running. So, very, very impressive. So, very cool. And you have something else you have?

Kono Kim (04:12)

Yeah, actually we developed several items by using the LED.

Marlo Anderson (04:17)


Kono Kim (04:18)

LED afterimage effects. The main difference from the 3D, the afterimage effects from motion devices is that we can make it promptly as I wish anywhere, anytime, without cost, with most effective issues the current issues. So this is the most, the different factor with other existing promotional items. So, our brand name is the SHOU, S-H-O-U, in short for "Show You".

Marlo Anderson (04:58)


Kono Kim (04:58)

So customizable. This is our most important point, add ons without cost and we are planning the retail price will be less than 300 US dollars.

Marlo Anderson (05:13)


Kono Kim (05:14)

Then. And we can use it more than 10,000 times. It means that almost four years even if you do learn eight hours per day.

Marlo Anderson (05:24)


Kono Kim (05:25)

So if you put on inside of the show window, you have, for example, you have the restaurant tomorrow's menu like this.

Marlo Anderson (05:34)


Kono Kim (05:35)

If you attach to the show window, you can, all the people who passed by on the street. Even you go back home, it will promote your tomorrow's menu.

Marlo Anderson (05:45)

Sure. Very cool. So it is not outdoors. Do we don't want to run these outdoors I'm assuming?

Kono Kim (05:52)

Pardon me?

Marlo Anderson (05:52)

Outside. Just indoor?

Kono Kim (05:56)

You can use it anywhere for example traditional market.

Marlo Anderson (05:59)


Kono Kim (05:59)

Or even the food truck.

Marlo Anderson (06:00)


Kono Kim (06:00)

It is waterproof. Waterproof function.

Marlo Anderson (06:03)

That's wonderful. That's exactly what I'm thinking now.

Kono Kim (06:05)

Yeah. You can use it anywhere.

Marlo Anderson (06:06)


Kono Kim (06:07)


Marlo Anderson (06:07)

That's very, very cool. Very cool. And you said there'll be available by the end of February?

Kono Kim (06:12)


Marlo Anderson (06:12)

Okay. Okay. And the website that we would go to order these when they're ready.

Kono Kim (06:17)

We have this flash website right now. So the konoshou.com

Marlo Anderson (06:21)

The konoshou.com?

Kono Kim (06:22)

Yeah, konoshou.com. You can get some more information from there.

Marlo Anderson (06:26)

Gotcha. Okay. Very good. Anything else that I missed?

Kono Kim (06:29)

Yes. At this time we are introducing this item besides this one. So we developed some more items by using the afterimage effect.

Marlo Anderson (06:37)


Kono Kim (06:38)

First one is is the LED smart stick. Same function. You can input any message from the app. Can I show you?

Marlo Anderson (06:45)

Yeah. Absolutely. I'd love to see how this thing works. I'm very curious how that thing works. I understand this. I don't understand this yet. Can you see the screen? Okay. As we all wait in anticipation here.

Kono Kim (07:04)

Then I can input any message here. May I know your name?

Marlo Anderson (07:07)

Sure. Marlo. M-A-R-L-O. Just put Bob. B-O-B.

Kono Kim (07:12)

B-O-B. Okay.

Marlo Anderson (07:13)


Kono Kim (07:14)

Okay. I selected a red color B. White color O.

Marlo Anderson (07:20)


Kono Kim (07:21)

Blue color B.

Marlo Anderson (07:25)

There we go.

Kono Kim (07:26)

Bob. Okay.

Marlo Anderson (07:27)

I'm usually called "doofus", by the way.

Kono Kim (07:28)

You can select the side to side or round.

Marlo Anderson (07:31)


Kono Kim (07:31)

I select the side to side.

Marlo Anderson (07:33)


Kono Kim (07:34)

It is already transmitted.

Marlo Anderson (07:37)


Kono Kim (07:38)


Marlo Anderson (07:39)

Oh my goodness. Can you guys see that?

Kono Kim (07:43)

Yeah. So we are using-

Marlo Anderson (07:45)

Can I see that on the camera?

Kono Kim (07:47)

We are using the same system with this one.

Marlo Anderson (07:49)

That's amazing.

Kono Kim (07:50)

So if you input any message from the app, you can see it promptly here. This is our system.

Marlo Anderson (07:57)

That's pretty cool.

Kono Kim (07:57)

Yeah, this is one item, and the next one we developed the one another item S-Light. S-Light. S means secure, signal, safe. So this is the safety item on the road. We can tend to the very day many of the emergency situations

Marlo Anderson (08:16)


Kono Kim (08:17)

So you input this S-Light on the passenger car, lock, and turn it on fully away. Then LED makes the sign. Three signs, SOS, HELP, and warning triangle.

Marlo Anderson (08:32)


Kono Kim (08:33)


Marlo Anderson (08:34)


Kono Kim (08:34)

It is quite a big one. Yes. So we attended the AAPEX fair the last November.

Marlo Anderson (08:45)


Kono Kim (08:46)

And we got the winner prize from the safety area with this S-Light product.

Marlo Anderson (08:51)

That's very very cool. That's very clever.

Kono Kim (08:54)

Yeah, we are a specialized company to make the innovative item by using LED afterimage effect.

Marlo Anderson (09:02)

So what is that going to run in the US?

Kono Kim (09:05)

Actually, we started this one but this one is the main usage to the concert or sports game.

Marlo Anderson (09:12)

Oh, yeah.

Kono Kim (09:12)

But the, COVID.

Marlo Anderson (09:14)


Kono Kim (09:15)

So, Because that's not allowed.

Marlo Anderson (09:18)

Amazing. Yeah, it's pretty cool.

Kono Kim (09:21)

You can see the party too.

Marlo Anderson (09:23)

Yes. Yeah, there's a ton of uses for that.

Kono Kim (09:26)

That's only for this one, there are another 16 functions.

Marlo Anderson (09:30)


Kono Kim (09:31)

For example. All say the same thing you said I love you.

Marlo Anderson (09:36)

Okay. Oh, thank you.

Kono Kim (09:39)

I love you. I love you.

Marlo Anderson (09:43)


Kono Kim (09:44)

This one is the current time.

Marlo Anderson (09:46)

Oh, okay.

Kono Kim (09:47)

Current time.

Marlo Anderson (09:48)

Unbelievable, 12:36.

Kono Kim (09:51)

And this is the timer. If you, I will input the five-second now.

Marlo Anderson (09:55)


Kono Kim (09:56)

Five seconds, then five seconds divided 16.

Marlo Anderson (10:00)


Kono Kim (10:00)

After five seconds, it let us know.

Marlo Anderson (10:03)

Oh yes, yes.

Kono Kim (10:04)

This is very useful for the mother who has the baby. If there is a sound the baby can be wake up.

Marlo Anderson (10:13)


Kono Kim (10:13)

And the handicapped person, the person who can not hear.

Marlo Anderson (10:17)

Yep, yep.

Kono Kim (10:17)

They can use it. And this one is the light. If you go fishing or camping you can use it as your light.

Marlo Anderson (10:27)


Kono Kim (10:29)

And this is the bicycle, if you ride a bike at night time, it is useful and this is leveler.

Marlo Anderson (10:39)

Oh. Holy Schnikes.

Kono Kim (10:44)

And This is the equalizer.

Marlo Anderson (10:47)

Unbelievable. So hold it back up there for a second.

Kono Kim (10:51)

Yeah. And from here. You can select the color as you wish. Red, yellow, blue, any color. So you can use it-

Marlo Anderson (11:03)


Kono Kim (11:04)

Selfie. Selfie light.

Marlo Anderson (11:06)

Can you put it into an arrow? So like if you're directing traffic?

Kono Kim (11:09)

Yeah, I will show you arrows here.

Marlo Anderson (11:11)

Oh, Yeah. Look at that.

Kono Kim (11:13)

So this is very useful for-

Marlo Anderson (11:14)

By like in events or whatever you could just-

Kono Kim (11:17)

Traffic Police

Marlo Anderson (11:17)

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Kono Kim (11:22)

And this is the-

Marlo Anderson (11:23)

Oh, yeah.

Kono Kim (11:25)

Mood light. Rainbow, romantic, clock, and dawn. Mood light.

Marlo Anderson (11:37)


Kono Kim (11:38)

There are so many functions.

Marlo Anderson (11:39)

Yeah. All right. So how much?

Kono Kim (11:42)

This one is the retail price. The less than the $70.

Marlo Anderson (11:48)

Okay. That's pretty reasonable,

Kono Kim (11:50)

So, as I explained to them we develop this one.

Marlo Anderson (11:52)

Yeah, I think you sold eight of them here already. So.

Kono Kim (11:56)

S-Light. So through the innovative combinations, we made Shou, and the market for this or market side that we show is it the Barbie and closure market. So we will make the new pollution market by using the new the very innovative idea.

Marlo Anderson (12:16)


Kono Kim (12:17)

In Korea we. We are so lucky, that is the most innovative 1000 companies in Korea. Our government selected the 1000 companies to support them to be the future unicorn. So we are selected from the Korean government now.

Marlo Anderson (12:37)


Kono Kim (12:37)

And we are doing our best to share the very innovative experience to customers.

Marlo Anderson (12:47)

Well, we really appreciate you being on the show. This was a fantastic demonstration.

Kono Kim (12:52)

Thank you.

Marlo Anderson (12:53)

So I wish you all the best. Go check out so Kono. How do we find your website again?

Kono Kim (12:59)


Marlo Anderson (13:01)

So K-O-N-O

Kono Kim (13:05)


Marlo Anderson (13:05)

Okay, okay, very good.

Kono Kim (13:07)


Marlo Anderson (13:07)

Go check these out. This will be available at the end of February. I can't wait to see this by the way. If anything, if it's even close to that type of demonstration. This is going to be amazing. So So thank you very much.

Kono Kim (13:19)

Thank you. Thanks so much.

Erin Hurst (13:24)

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