RENPHO: At the intersection of technology and wellness @ CES 2022 - Show Notes

RENPHO: At the intersection of technology and wellness @ CES 2022

Saturday Feb 12, 2022 (00:06:17)


Health technology is far from a new technology category. We've seen fitness trackers, connected scales, and a lot more. However, some companies look for ways to set themselves apart from the competition, and RENPHO has a few important differences: price, variety, and features.

Who is RENPHO?

RENPHO is a global brand that is committed to creating a growing ecosystem of smart lifestyle products. Ranging from Amazon's bestselling smart scale to AI-connected fitness equipment, the company has a wide range of products that have been well researched and developed closely alongside users and industry experts. With a focus on accessibility and everyday use, RENPHO is making wellness technology available to everyone!

What makes RENPHO unique?

Price, variety, and features are three important aspects that make RENPHO unique. They are one of the most affordable health technology brands on the market, with a wide range of products to suit everyone's needs. Additionally, they offer a wider range of features than many other brands, making their products more versatile and useful for users. Finally, RENPHO is constantly expanding its product lineup to provide even more options for users!

There are countless ways that you can benefit from using RENPHO products! Whether you're looking for a fitness tracker to help you stay in shape, or you want to track your weight loss progress with their Body Composition Scale, they have something for everyone. Their products are easy to use and provide users with a variety of features that make them versatile!

Why should I choose RENPHO?

RENPHO is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get started with health technology. With highly affordable prices and user-friendly designs, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to finding RENPHO products to suit your needs. The company offers a wide variety of products, so everyone has something that matches their needs. They offer an AI Smart Bike with automatic resistance, an Eye Massager with temperature controlled hot compress, and even more traditional products like blood pressure cuffs and blood glucose monitors.

Featured products in 2022

We were able to take a look at a few of the company's featured products in our studio. The first is a smart jump rope. Now, you might wonder why you'd need smarts in a jump rope, but it's a lot more than just that. Yes, it can track how many successful jumps, but it can also track fat burning. It's got different modes and challenges, and the data is synced to the company's app to be calculated in with the rest of your health data. The Smart Jump Rope is available now for $20.

Another interesting product is the Smart Tape Measure. This tape makes measuring your traditional body areas, like arms, legs, stomach, etc., really easy. And, because it is also a connected device, it can transfer that data into your health app to track your progress over time. The Smart Measuring Tape is available now for $30.


To learn more about RENPHO or to purchase their products, check out the company's website or Amazon store.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Erin Hurst (00:07)

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Todd Cochrane (00:21)

All right, good morning, and welcome to the show and you're with. Is it Renpho? Is that?

Tiffany Ou (00:26)

Renpho. Yes.

Todd Cochrane (00:27)

Yeah. So go ahead, introduce yourself. And let's give me the elevator pitch. And what you guys are doing here to show this year.

Tiffany Ou (00:34)

A pleasure to be here. My name is Tiffany. Our company Renpho were a global brand, sitting at the intersection of technology and wellness. And our products ranging from the Amazon Best Selling Smart Body Scale to AI-connected fitness equipment. And our goal is to create a smart lifestyle, a growing ecosystem that is much essential and also accessible to everyone.

Todd Cochrane (01:03)

So if I see that you're, I guess we'll start here on my left, you've got a smart body tape measure. So tell me about that. Is being that to so that is I'm checking my waist. See if I'm getting fatter or skinnier?

Tiffany Ou (01:21)

Exactly. So we believe in, we want to provide a healthy lifestyle. A number is a number. For example, our best-selling smart scale on Amazon. It is connected to an app, it's called a Renpho Health App. So within this app, you not only can read your body weight number but also other 13 different metrics.

Todd Cochrane (01:43)


Tiffany Ou (01:44)

Along with a smart tape. A lot of customers when they see body smart tape, and they're like, What is the tape? Why does the body tape right? So the way that the tape work has, like automatically take your measurement.

Todd Cochrane (01:57)


Tiffany Ou (01:57)

And the numbers then sync up to the app, along with your weight number.

Todd Cochrane (02:02)

So what are the things that intrigued me when you said the skill takes 13 other measurements? What are some of the things that the scale measures besides just your weight?

Tiffany Ou (02:13)

Weight number, body mass, body fat percentage, body water percentage, protein percentage.

Todd Cochrane (02:18)


Tiffany Ou (02:19)

Yes, it's a. We have a lot of doctors and clinics that work with their patients closely with our scale. And to help them to lose weight and be healthier. A lot of doctors are trying to help their patients lose weight before surgery.

Todd Cochrane (02:34)

Sure. So that gives you. It not only gives you the weight, but it tells you how you doing your body mass and everything is how well your hydration is. So that's pretty impressive that they do that through the bottom of your feet. Yeah.

Tiffany Ou (02:46)

Exactly. Exactly.

Todd Cochrane (02:47)

So on your smart jump rope, you have here that seems almost self-explanatory, but keeps track of the total number of-

Tiffany Ou (02:57)


Todd Cochrane (02:58)


Tiffany Ou (02:59)

Yeah. So this is part of our ecosystem fitness and health.

Todd Cochrane (03:03)


Tiffany Ou (03:03)

So we do the jumping rope. You can see the loops on the LED screen.

Todd Cochrane (03:08)


Tiffany Ou (03:09)

It will sync up to the app.

Todd Cochrane (03:10)


Tiffany Ou (03:10)

So the app, the Renpho health app is the hub of everything, all the health data.

Todd Cochrane (03:16)

So how many different health-related products do you have? Are is it just these three or do you have more?

Tiffany Ou (03:22)

We have more. We have 200 SKU.

Todd Cochrane (03:25)


Tiffany Ou (03:26)

Come visit our booth. We have the most popular massager and also the smart bike. Unfortunately, the smart AI connected bike I cannot bring to the show.

Todd Cochrane (03:35)

Of course. Yeah, very difficult. So I am assuming available on Amazon.

Tiffany Ou (03:41)

Yes. Amazon. Also on

Todd Cochrane (03:45)

So what are the price points on each of these? As an example give me the scale price.

Tiffany Ou (03:51)

Happy to. A lot of visitor goes to our booth. And when I tell them how much is this. They are so surprised and amazed. This basic model battery Bluetooth scales. They only sell for $24.99.

Todd Cochrane (04:06)

$24.99. Now I'm familiar with some of your competitors' scales. You're at least 50% less than probably some of those that I'm familiar with. So that's a pretty impressive price point.

Tiffany Ou (04:22)


Todd Cochrane (04:23)

That's affordable for anybody.

Tiffany Ou (04:25)

Yes. And because we have such a large user base. Our algorithm, our formulas a lot more accurate.

Todd Cochrane (04:32)


Tiffany Ou (04:33)

And the goal is to provide a more accessible lifestyle to everyone. So this is can be affordable for anyone.

Todd Cochrane (04:40)

So what about the smart health tape, what do you think that was? You know, what the retail on that is?

Tiffany Ou (04:45)

Yeah, it was $29.

Todd Cochrane (04:46)

$29. And the smart jump rope.

Tiffany Ou (04:48)

I believe it was $39.

Todd Cochrane (04:49)

$39. So, you know, I've got a smart scale. We won't say which manufacturer it is. In my house. It only measures my weight and sends it to an app.

Tiffany Ou (04:59)


Todd Cochrane (05:00)

Doesn't send me all that other stuff. So I think that's something folks in the audience should consider when they're getting ready to pick up a product and definitely do their homework but you go to

Tiffany Ou (05:12)


Todd Cochrane (05:12)

Is the location of course available on Amazon as well.

Tiffany Ou (05:15)

Amazon as well. The best-selling smart scale on Amazon.

Todd Cochrane (05:19)

Really? That's fantastic. At that price point, I understand why. So well good. And it's thank you for being here. And thank you for showing off the content and of course everyone at home, you're not gonna be able to go to their booth, but you can go to their website, so make sure to go over to Thank you for coming on. I appreciate you.

Tiffany Ou (05:36)

Thank you for having me.

Todd Cochrane (05:36)

Thank you so much.

Erin Hurst (05:40)

TPN CES 2022 coverage is executive produced by Michele Mendez. Technical Directors are Kurt Corless and Adam Barker. Associate producers are Nancy Ertz and Maurice McCoy. Interviews are edited by Jo Mini. Hosts are Marlo Anderson, Todd Cochrane, Scott Ertz, Christopher Jordan, Daniele Mendez, and Allante Sparks. Las Vegas studio provided by HC Productions. Remote studio provided by PLUGHITZ Productions. This has been Tech Podcasts Network Production, copyright 2022.

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