BenjiLock: Biometrics to secure the things you care about @ CES 2022 - Show Notes

BenjiLock: Biometrics to secure the things you care about @ CES 2022

Tuesday Feb 8, 2022 (00:11:10)


What if you could protect your belongings with the touch of a finger? It would mean not having to carry a key at the gym or pool. It would mean not having to copy your house key every time you have guests over. BenjiLock has made all of this and more possible, with its innovative fingerprint technology that can be used to secure everything from bikes to closets.

What is BenjiLock?

BenjiLock was featured on ABC's hit show Shark Tank, and through its partnership with Hampton Products International, the brand has expanded rapidly. With 30+ years of experience in security and hardware innovations, Hampton Products International has helped the company take its fingerprint technology to new heights. Today, they are expanding into a portfolio of products, including locks for your bikes, drawers, closets, lockers, and home.

How BenjiLock Works

BenjiLock uses fingerprint technology to protect the things you love. Simply program your lock with up to ten fingerprints, and unlock it by placing any of those fingers on the lock's sensor. Most BenjiLock devices also allow you to lock or unlock your belongings using a standard key or combination code (numbers 0-99).

BenjiLock's fingerprint sensor can be used in wet or dry conditions, making it ideal for use at the gym pool, beach, etc. It also includes an automatic locking mechanism that will lock after five seconds if left unlocked manually. The light on the front will change from green (locked) to red (unlocked), letting you know at a glance if your belongings are secure.

BenjiLock's fingerprint sensor is highly accurate, but is not foolproof - it needs a clear reading of at least three ridges (or whorls) to unlock. This is another reason why most of the devices include a key. It is not recommended for use on electronic devices, such as laptops or tablets.

Different BenjiLock devices

The different devices are for different purposes and use different locking mechanisms. BenjiLock Bike and padlocks use a hardened steel shackle that attaches to the object you wish to secure. The bike lock is obviously designed to protect your bike but can be used on a scooter or motorcycle, as well. The padlock is the most versatile, as it is designed to go anywhere a traditional padlock would go: a locker, cabinet, shed, and more.

BenjiLock Door allows you to replace your old deadbolt lock without additional tools; simply remove your old deadbolt from inside of the door and install the lock using the included template in under five minutes (no drilling required). It can be used on any door, though it is designed for exterior use. It runs on 4 AA batteries and can last 6 months or longer, depending on how often it is used. It also pairs perfectly with the Brinks Push-Pull-Rotate doorknobs.

This large variety of lock types gives you the ability to determine what is most important to you and protect it with a lock you know will keep it safe.


The BenjiLock products are available from a variety of courses, including the company's website, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and Amazon.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Scott Ertz

Host, Episode Author

Scott is a developer who has worked on projects of varying sizes, including all of the PLUGHITZ Corporation properties. He is also known in the gaming world for his time supporting the rhythm game community, through DDRLover and hosting tournaments throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Currently, when he is not working on software projects or hosting F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, Scott can often be found returning to his high school days working with the Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), mentoring teams and helping with ROBOTICON Tampa Bay. He has also helped found a student software learning group, the ASCII Warriors, currently housed at AMRoC Fab Lab.


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Erin Hurst (00:07)

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Robbie Cabral (00:27)

How you've been?

Scott Ertz (00:28)

Fantastic. How about yourself?

Robbie Cabral (00:31)

Hey, we're good. We're hanging in there. You know, it's, uh, at least we're live. This is the first time that we're live. So super excited that we're here at CES again.

Scott Ertz (00:39)

Yeah, for sure. So tell us what all you've got going on. Obviously, I've got one of your products here on the desk. But that-

Robbie Cabral (00:48)

Oh, yeah, I can see it. I can see it.

Scott Ertz (00:51)

You've always-. Just in case, I also have a Brinks product here. Under the desk.

Robbie Cabral (00:59)

You know.

Scott Ertz (01:00)

Ready to go.

Robbie Cabral (01:00)

Miss Cerano. I was trying to get him but you know, tell the truth yesterday was a bit slow. But today's definitely feels like CES is back.

Scott Ertz (01:09)

Good. I'm so glad to hear that. I'm so glad to hear that. So go ahead and introduce yourself to those who may not know who you are.

Robbie Cabral (01:16)

And also to everyone that is at the show. First and foremost, Happy New Year. My name is Robbie Cabral. I'm the inventor CEO and founder of BenjiLock. And Scott knows me from when I started downstairs in Eureka Park. And thanks for the opportunity at Shark Tank and also the licensing deal that we have with Hampton Brothers International. Now we're actually up here in the smart home area, showcasing all of our old products and new products. So excited to be here with you guys.

Scott Ertz (01:46)

So tell us about the new products.

Robbie Cabral (01:48)

Well, I mean, you know, we're showcasing the whole collection of BenjiLock, the original one that started it all. Also the travel lock, the bike lock, the door lock, which I feel that you have something there in your desk. And then also the new one called the BenjiLock Sport Lock. So basically this Sport Lock, it's a one on a war for accessibility, but also for the Fitness and Sports category. So we're very excited. It's a very lightweight product. In a matte finish, it comes in black, white, red. And at CES, we just unveil a new color, the BenjiLock color, which is the teal. So I'm very excited for this product. $29.99 is an amazing retail price for the product. And again, you know, I've always been a believer that padlocks are universal. And BenjiLock needs to be something that is accessible for all so that's my mentality and excited for it. It won an award for it and we're here we're rockin CES again.

Scott Ertz (02:50)

And you're rocking your hat with-

Robbie Cabral (02:52)

Always always, even with you virtually hopefully we'll see each other very soon. I'm sure that, uh, that you're anxious to comment in this way because this is your thing. I mean, it's the excitement that everything so-

Scott Ertz (03:06)

Yeah, yeah. It was definitely unfortunate, you know, the way things had to go for our team. But the fact that we've got other members of our team out there so that we can do this is definitely great. So they're their biometric locks, right. You've got a whole array of them. That was not supposed to be a Hampton Products span. So you've got a whole array of products. So what separates this one from the other two padlock-looking products?

Robbie Cabral (03:37)

Well, you know, we tried to expand based on the consumer feedback. The original is still there. People still use their keys, fingerprint, and key, very simple the travel one, which is actually the only one TSA approved padlock. So if you're traveling, you need to log your luggage, BenjiLock got you you know. But then the newer one, price point wise is way better. I mean, it's only $29.99 And the difference on this one is that it's like, it's more accessible in the way of you know, let's say for example that someone has issues with vision or hearing impaired. This lock is not only for the mic kids, anyone else that wants to go to the gym and all that or you know on the go but it's also accessible to anyone. And so it has like a sound so every time you kind of activated it has a beeping sound. If you can hear you know they also have a way that you can actually unlock and lock very simple and no easy, very simple setup without the key as you know the original one you have to set it up with the key. This one you don't. And the feedback has been great. I mean we were not expecting the amazing feedback we've had with this product and I have a couple heading your way. They should be arriving hopefully by the end of the weekend so.

Scott Ertz (04:56)

Fantastic. Well, I can't wait to do a review on that. So yeah, I can I think I heard the sound when it unlocked and it sounds very similar to the sound that this that this guy makes the the deadbolt?

Robbie Cabral (05:11)

Exactly, exactly. I mean that they're all, one cool thing about BenjiLock is that every time you unlock it there's always a sound and we just love the sound of it because you know that the product is really well made. I mean the partnership that we have with Hampton products, everybody knows that they build all the brinks lock security and all that so it's a legit product. It's not something they wanted, you know, a little gadget and all that. Yeah. There's a gadget into it, a lifestyle product, and all that, but it also has security behind it. So I'm proud that we're, we're rolling with them.

Scott Ertz (05:47)

Yeah, for sure. And it's been such a great partnership. Because you had this tech idea to put on a lock, and you teamed up with a company that does locks. They're a security company. It was a match made in heaven.

Robbie Cabral (06:02)

I know. It was made in heaven. And you know, one of the things too, is that a lot of the times when you do a partnership, sometimes it don't work out. But for me, it was kind of like the right time, the right moment. It actually worked out and also, you know, Kevin O'Leary, which is my investor in BenjiLock, actually enjoys working with Hampton, and it's just a whole very beautiful partnership, and you can't complain, you know. It's like, it's like when you move to a new house, and you have neighbors, and sometimes you can really get along with the neighbors. But there's a house that you actually get along with all your neighbors, this one actually worked out. And it's kind of like a marriage in a way, you know. There's always ups and downs and all that but, if you're able to, you know, make it through, your, you'll be a success. So, little by little, we'll get there.

Scott Ertz (06:48)

For sure. So, this one doesn't require the key to program, but it does still have a key.

Robbie Cabral (06:56)

No, no. So this one actually doesn't have a key. So the good thing about it is that it will actually give you a heads up. If it, if it's gonna die out. It'll turn red, but it'll give you also a beeping kind of alarm sound that, hey, you need to plug me in because I'm almost dying. So you know, and the good thing is that the same battery life of the other locks six months up to a year, this one has it as well. So okay, can beat it.

Scott Ertz (07:24)

Okay, very cool out. Speaking of battery life, I gotta tell you, this thing I have been using for. Well, I had this box on the desk during CES 2021. Yeah. So it's been more than a year. And I haven't had to change the batteries yet.

Robbie Cabral (07:43)

Wow, that's incredible. That's good to hear. I mean, the feedback is great. You know, it all depends on the amount of usage. So like, in my case, for example, I have three kids at home, my wife, there's always something going on on the weekends. That door lock takes a beating. And I'm telling you, I mean, it takes a beating. But it's still going. So I, you know, I'm proud to hear that, it lasts that long for you too.

Scott Ertz (08:07)

I'm loving it. This is. I have tested other door locks and I'll tell, I'll tell you, this is still my favorite. So

Robbie Cabral (08:16)


Scott Ertz (08:17)

And not just because we're friends.

Robbie Cabral (08:19)

Yeah, no, no, that's great. You know, and the cool thing about is a hero of the show, we're showcasing that same product alongside the Brink's Push Pull Rotate. So if you have a door, then it kind of complements the same style. And you know, it's a beautiful door locking, and it's just the beginning because it's just the first generation of it. We're working on future generations. Right now, they're non connected, but you never know what's coming next. So

Scott Ertz (08:49)

Well, fantastic. And obviously, I assume if that were to happen, it would work with Array, but you can't answer that question. So don't, don't say anything. Well, I definitely appreciate that we got the opportunity to talk since you were having battery problems on your device. I will say that if Kim Kelly wants to do a segment and show off some of the Array stuff, we can still do that later.

Robbie Cabral (09:15)

Oh, I'll make sure now when I head to the booth, give him a heads up so he can come by.

Scott Ertz (09:20)

Fantastic. And if you want to deal with the phone in the booth, I'm good with that. If you want to come back over here, we can do that too. However, we want to do it. We're pretty flexible.

Robbie Cabral (09:29)

Nice. Nice. And Scott, you know what I'm always proud of what you're doing. I know it takes a lot of hard work and sad that you're not here with us. But you know you're they're virtually. So it's kind of cool that your set looks like you know amazing. And I'm sure that you'll be back here next year. And we For sure. Can't wait to rock it up with you

Scott Ertz (09:48)

For sure. Before you go let people know where they can find out more about your products.

Robbie Cabral (09:52)

Yeah, sure. So we're here at CES all week. You know, they shortcut a day so we're here until tomorrow, but you can check the information anytime and if you're interested in the product go through there or any are of our retail partners like Walmart, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, you name it. So keep it going.

Scott Ertz (10:10)

You have expanded your partnerships.

Robbie Cabral (10:13)

Yeah, little by little. Little by little.

Scott Ertz (10:15)

That's awesome. Well, it was good to talk to you. We will have to catch up after the show. Since you've got Saturday now since it's been canceled, we'll have to catch up after the show.

Robbie Cabral (10:27)

Sounds good. Take care, Scott.

Scott Ertz (10:28)

Have a good rest of the show, bud.

Robbie Cabral (10:29)

Thank you. Bye

Erin Hurst (10:30)

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