TEIXON: Real-time IoT transmission, collection & management @ CES 2022 - Show Notes

TEIXON: Real-time IoT transmission, collection & management @ CES 2022

Saturday Feb 12, 2022 (00:08:18)


The Internet of Things creates a lot of benefits for individuals and businesses. You can control your home with your voice, or even from your phone while away. You can check on the status of package deliveries, appliances, and even work projects. But, IoT also creates a lot of challenges for developers - transmitting and processing the data collected from these devices. That's where On-Site product and AI-Fields from TEIXON comes in.

Who is TEIXON?

TEIXON is a company that was established in 2013 with a focus on IT businesses such as consulting, system establishment, information strategy, and video solution development. In particular, the company has been focusing on the development of software for real-time transmission, collection, and management of image information, sensor information, location information, and geographic information. They have also been researching and developing technologies that utilize collected information through AI (Artificial Intelligence). Recently, they showcased their TEXION On-Site product and AI-Fields. TEIXON On-Site is smart field management for drones and IoT which allows users to manage their fields in real-time. TEIXON AI-Fields, which is powered by TEIXION On-Site and their technologies, analyses the information collected from TEIXON On-Site to provide an optimal solution.

What are some of the features of TEIXON?

TEIXON utilizes a variety of IoT devices such as drones, sensors/actuators, LBS (Location-Based Services), GIS (Geographic Information System) in order to collect data such as image information, sensor information, location information and geographic information. The software can be used across multiple industries including agriculture (crop monitoring), distribution (construction site inspection), manufacturing (equipment management or equipment failure prediction models), and more!

While TEIXON provides many customizable features for various industries, their technology can be applied to any industry. They collect image information from cameras on drones, sensor information that measures temperature or humidity values through sensors/actuators installed in facilities such as factories, location information based on GPS coordinates collected by a drone in flight or the movement of people and vehicles in real time. Through TEIXION On-site users can manage their fields more efficiently and analyze the data collected with TEIXION's AI technologies.

In addition, they offer a platform that can be used in various industries. TEIXON is not limited to a certain industry but provides customizable solutions for specific industries such as agriculture, distribution, and manufacturing. The company has already gathered extensive experience and knowledge through their long-standing businesses and continue researching and developing new technologies that would benefit the users.

TEIXION's technology can be adapted to just about any IoT project. TEIXON's software has the capability to process data collected from IoT devices regardless of the industry or type of device. The company offers features that are beneficial for various companies across different sectors. They strive to provide real-time data management for their clients with the help of AI analysis so they can make better strategic decisions for their business.


To learn more about TEIXON and how their technology might help your business or upcoming project, check out their website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Scott Ertz

Episode Author

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Erin Hurst (00:07)

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Todd Cochrane (00:27)

Alright, so we learned and I am going to apologize if I pronounced the company wrong. If you get her up on the mic. That would be good. We're good. I'm going to invite Mina from Teixon. How do you pronounce the company's name?

Mina Lee (00:42)

It's Teixon.

Todd Cochrane (00:43)


Mina Lee (00:43)


Todd Cochrane (00:44)

All right. Welcome to the show. And tell me what you guys are doing here at CES this year.

Mina Lee (00:49)

So thank you for having me, our company in here. So we are Teixon from South Korea. So our product is TEIXON On-Site, which is tasked with management in the field where drones operate. So basically, we can share and manage all the information such as video and flight data, and test breakdown in the field where our drone operates, each drone per site. So you also can share all the video and all the information through your smartphone as well in real time, like live streaming.

Todd Cochrane (01:23)

So this is, as your brochure says , smart field management solutions for drones and IoT.

Mina Lee (01:29)


Todd Cochrane (01:30)

So this is basically for a fleet of drones. I'm going to assume if you have multiple drones in the company doing maybe deliveries or something to that effect, is that correct?

Mina Lee (01:42)

Oh, yes, but we are more like task management in the field. So we can compete with drones, not only drones, but also can compete with the IoT. They have a location basis, the same like a GPS or having a video cam, these things. Let's start just like body cam, or like mobility.

Todd Cochrane (02:00)


Mina Lee (02:01)

So that we can, we can share all the likes, look on the web.

Todd Cochrane (02:05)

I see. So you can share real time video where people are at, you can do monitoring of temperatures, it looks like that type of information, right?

Mina Lee (02:16)

Yeah, weather and geography information is also in there.

Todd Cochrane (02:19)

So it says in your brochure, surveillance searches, natural disasters, pest control, construction industry. So you guys are then aggregating this data for teams, is that correct? So basically, the management system, you'll, you can share to multiple people, right?

Mina Lee (02:36)

Yeah. So yeah, basically, yeah. This is like for the area, which is big. So actually, to be honest, like in the first time we made this is because of the fire forest, because usually fire fighters need to catch all the information very quickly, you know.

Todd Cochrane (02:50)


Mina Lee (02:50)

To catch the golden time.

Todd Cochrane (02:51)


Mina Lee (02:52)

So that's why we made it, this system to see all the information together on the metal glass.

Todd Cochrane (02:58)


Mina Lee (02:58)

So we consist of two apps and one web. So this is like, you can choose what you want, like depending on your occupation. So this first first one is for the drone, for the drone operator.

Todd Cochrane (03:12)


Mina Lee (03:13)

So why they are filming the drone video, they can see what's going on in the situation, such as sectoral loot, and the other drone loot as well. So that they can not crash on each other.

Todd Cochrane (03:24)


Mina Lee (03:25)

And then also, they can see that the other field personnel look like moving around those things. And also this goes to the viewers as well for the like field personnel. And they also can share this live streaming from the drone video. Yeah, so this live streaming goes to the VOD. And as soon as this is done, it's gonna be saved to the cloud directly.

Todd Cochrane (03:50)

So who do you find that your clients are so far? Is it the government? Is it?

Mina Lee (03:55)

So? Yeah, we are currently working with the Korean Forestry Promotion Institute under like foresting Korea. Korea Forestry Institute. Yeah, so. So basically, they are using this system for forest systems such as fire disaster or like, landslides, those things. Yeah. And another one is for the, we are working with the Korean Firefighters office. Yeah. So for the emergency situation.

Todd Cochrane (04:29)

So this gives him really this ability to have a big view, not necessarily just what the drone is looking at, but a big view plus video and interactions. Yeah, yeah, very interesting. So about the IoT. Then what, what type of IoT devices are you monitoring? Are you monitoring sensors or what type of IoT devices?

Mina Lee (04:51)

So SNS is available, is able to move like such as a bicycle or like automobile, automobile-

Todd Cochrane (05:03)


Mina Lee (05:04)

Automobiles are those things. And also if, like, if I have a video on there such as the body cam, or like similar, like a mobile phone is also available.

Todd Cochrane (05:16)


Mina Lee (05:17)

Those kinds of things are also that can comparative.

Todd Cochrane (05:20)

Do you think then this would be used by potentially police departments for the officers body cams as well?

Mina Lee (05:27)

Yes. Yes. For surveillance, it's possible. And then oh, yeah, like for the security, so they can check. And they can just attach the body cam in here, just moving around. Yeah. So they're like the other supervisor or the administrator who is able to control and monitor.

Todd Cochrane (05:45)

So this could actually be used in shopping malls, where securities are looking for theft prevention, that type of stuff then. So not only do they have the cameras, they also have the security guards walking around and interaction with someone that they're talking to. That's good. The supervisors can monitor from a central location.

Mina Lee (06:04)

Yes, So it's easy to monitor. They can only use the phone. And easy to handle

Todd Cochrane (06:09)

Yeah. So you think it-? So is the goal then for you here at the show to bring this to the United States? Or what are you looking for? What's the goal for CES?

Mina Lee (06:18)

Oh, yeah. Oh, so currently, we are working more like domestic in Korea. Like, from this moment, we want to expand globally.

Todd Cochrane (06:28)


Mina Lee (06:28)

Yeah. So it will be, I hope this is a good opportunity for us to catch a lot of business like proposals and partnerships.

Todd Cochrane (06:37)

So is your software now all ready to go in English as well as it's strictly only in Korean currently?

Mina Lee (06:44)

We are doing Korean and English as well. Also we are. This is-. We have two versions. One is the cloud version. And the other one is the installation version.

Todd Cochrane (06:54)


Mina Lee (06:55)

You can choose whatever you want.

Todd Cochrane (06:56)

What is the typical price application? Is it by contract or user seats? Or how do you normally do your pricing for this platform?

Mina Lee (07:05)

So if you wanna buy and know about the cost, just come to www?

Todd Cochrane (07:12)

To your website? Yeah. Yeah. So folks you can go to it,it's T-E-I-X-O-N.com, T-E-I-X-O-N.com . And we want to thank Lee Mina for coming and sharing with us about the product service you're having here.

Mina Lee (07:30)

Thank you so much.

Todd Cochrane (07:31)

Yeah, thank you so much for coming. Absolutely. Appreciate it.

Mina Lee (07:34)

I'm so appreciate.

Todd Cochrane (07:34)

Yeah. Yep. You're welcome.

Mina Lee (07:36)

It's so nice to talk with you.

Todd Cochrane (07:37)

Nice to talk to you too.

Mina Lee (07:38)

Thank you.

Erin Hurst (07:41)

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