Cubtale: A care platform for newborns and expecting parents @ CES 2022 - Show Notes

Cubtale: A care platform for newborns and expecting parents @ CES 2022

Wednesday Feb 16, 2022 (00:08:07)


When you've got a newborn baby, it can be really difficult to keep track of all of the things you need to do. You've got to feed them, with a bottle, breastfeeding, or a combination of the two. More importantly, you need to track whether or not you've actually done it. You've also got to keep track of when they sleep, diaper changes, and even medications. You can keep track of it in a book, but that requires carrying another thing around with you. Cubtale is here to help you track your baby's routine and daily care tasks.

What is Cubtale?

Cubtale is the perfect care coordination platform for newborns and expecting parents. With the platform, you can easily track your baby's daily care activities, such as breastfeeding sessions, bottle amounts, medicine intakes, sleep durations, and more. Cubtale also supports voice, smartwatch, and app logging while providing tips for newborn and expecting parents.

The system works through a series of Cubs. Cubs are palm-sized smart buttons that are designed for convenience. Cubs can be freely placed where activities happen for quick access and a simple button press gets logs translated for parents, caregivers, pediatricians, and experts in the Cubtale App.

You can also use voice recognition to log care activities with Cubtale. Simply speak into your phone and the system will automatically transcribe the activity. If you're using a smartwatch, you can also use Cubtale to track your baby's daily care tasks. With just a few taps on your wrist, you'll have everything at your fingertips.

In addition to tracking your baby's daily care activities, Cubtale can also provide you with helpful tips and advice. With the platform, you'll have everything you need to take care of your newborn baby.

What does the Cubtale App do?

The Cubtale App is the perfect way to keep track of your baby's daily care activities. With the app, you can do all of the tasks that Cubs can do, and a lot more. You can view a list of all the care activities that your baby has done in the past day, week, or month, either entered by the Cubs or through the app. You can also see how many times each activity has been done. In addition, you can get tips and advice for taking care of your newborn baby.

The feature that really makes the Cubtale App stand out is its ability to allow you to connect with other parents and caregivers to get advice and support. You can share your logs with other parents or caregivers and get their feedback. This is a great way to get support and advice from people who have experience taking care of newborn babies.


If you're looking for an easy way to track your baby's daily care activities, Cubtale is the perfect solution for you. The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play and the devices are available on the company's website. Get Cubtale today and start taking care of your little one in no time!

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Scott Ertz

Episode Author

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Erin Hurst (00:07)

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Todd Cochrane (00:21)

Okay, Selin, welcome to our CES coverage. And you're with Cubtale.

Selin Tamer (00:28)

Yes, It's Cubtale.

Todd Cochrane (00:30)

Cubtale. Okay. And tell us a little bit about the company and what you've got here.

Selin Tamer (00:34)

Hi, thanks for the time. Sure. Yeah, my name is Selin, and co-founder. We're building smart baby trackers for newborn parents to keep track of the care activities. Typically, when a baby is born, we're asked to keep track of diaper changes, sleep durations, bottle intake, how much milk they're having, and all these things. And it's really hard to do that with a pen and paper.

Todd Cochrane (01:01)


Selin Tamer (01:02)

I've had two kids myself.

Todd Cochrane (01:04)

I've got four that I raise. Oh, yeah, I understand.

Selin Tamer (01:06)

And yeah, the I use like, pen and paper on the first one. And my data turned out to be a mess. And then the next time I started using mobile apps, which was even more difficult, because I had to like pull up the app, and you're holding the baby. Oh, not the phone. That's a long process. You don't want to keep a phone next to the baby and everything. So I thought there has to be a better way to do this. And so that's where the idea came from. These are logger devices. And that can be placed to where the activities happen. So we've got, for example, medicine and vitamin Cub. We call them the Cubs. And they're Wi-Fi connected. And it's one press, you place it next to the medicine cabinet. And with one press, you can basically log the activity. This one here. I think that one doesn't have the battery installed. There you go.

Todd Cochrane (01:56)

Yes. So this one here has a metal. Oh, it shows. It says medicine and vitamin. Yeah. So you click on one side to Oh, the view administered vitamins, and on the other side, you click on administering medicine. Yeah. So how? It doesn't do a counter. But how can you tell? You just have to learn what the colors mean? Oh, so So what? Yeah, every time you press it, it does increment in the app.

Selin Tamer (02:25)

Yes. So you get notifications on the app, as you log the data. That way for those parents that are away from the house, they can get notified when things happen and when they don't happen. You can also set reminders from the app so that you can see when something doesn't happen, you can remember to perform whatever needs to be performed. And we've got three different types of things that can be done in terms of the logging mechanism. So this one's like you said, it's just the one press for the vitamin and the medicine and it goes in. This one would be for a bottle, which has the amount tracking.

Todd Cochrane (03:03)


Selin Tamer (03:03)

So you can adjust the amount of milk.

Todd Cochrane (03:06)

So you can tell the number of ounces or something that the babies didn't take. Awesome.

Selin Tamer (03:10)

And then we also have duration tracking with a play and pause that would let you keep track of nursing time.

Todd Cochrane (03:16)

Nursing time. Okay. So at what age? So probably this is for what, the first three to six months? What do you think you see Genesis is going to be?

Selin Tamer (03:29)

Well, so I have a three-year-old right now. And I've placed asleep pub in the nursery.

Todd Cochrane (03:34)

So you've grown.

Selin Tamer (03:35)

In the Preschool.

Todd Cochrane (03:36)


Selin Tamer (03:36)

Because she goes to school. And then every time it was like, did she have a nap? And how long was it cuz that really matters? When I come back home.

Todd Cochrane (03:45)

That is right.

Selin Tamer (03:45)

I need to know what time.

Todd Cochrane (03:46)


Selin Tamer (03:46)

To put her back to sleep.

Todd Cochrane (03:48)


Selin Tamer (03:48)

Depending on her nap time.

Todd Cochrane (03:49)

That's right. If she had a short nap, you could say, Oh, someone's gonna be cranky, or they've had a long nap. And now maybe you can stay awake a little longer. Yeah, makes sense. How's the reaction then from the care provider using this, then? That's the question. Are they are they compliant? Or do they forget? Or?

Selin Tamer (04:06)

Yeah, because you know, the buttons are placed to where the activity happens. It's very easy for them to do. And that's why we designed it. So it's very simple. There's a button press. You don't have to interact with it. It's like, yeah, intuitive. And nannies, caregivers, grandparents who are keeping, taking care of these newborn babies. They're pressing it, and they're loving it.

Todd Cochrane (04:30)

Yeah. That's awesome.

Selin Tamer (04:32)

Partners are doing it. You know, in the past. We also have a mobile app that people can use just if they just want to use a mobile app. That's also available. However, this really simplifies it when you've got multiple caregivers in the house. Anyone can do it, and it's right there.

Todd Cochrane (04:50)

So then, you can take this data when you go to the pediatrician appointment and say, here's what we're looking at.

Selin Tamer (04:55)

Yes. Exactly. What we've done is we took all of that information And we translated it into views that are friendly for pediatricians because the way they want to see the data is really different than how we look at the data. And so there's a PDF report that is generated from the mobile app that basically shows the pediatrician, all of the activity, the routine care activities, how they were performed, averages, durations, everything that they would be asking at the appointment. They were easy. The app also provides you the ability to log vaccinations, milestones. We've integrated with World Health Organization data so that you can actually see percentiles as well. And watch your baby grow.

Todd Cochrane (05:44)


Selin Tamer (05:45)

Compare it to other children.

Todd Cochrane (05:46)

It's also a good digital tracker too. Oh, did they get that shot? Yeah, I think they did. You know, it's in your medical record, but maybe you don't have access to that directly.

Selin Tamer (05:56)


Todd Cochrane (05:57)

So that's very, very cool. What is the price point? Is this a subscription model? What's the business model behind this?

Selin Tamer (06:04)

Yeah. So right now we have a bundle of three and a bundle of five that's coming up this month for pre-orders. The bundle of three is for $169. And the bundle of five is $239. We, for the app users, right now the app is free. And for any device user, that will continue to be free. At some point, there may kick in a subscription fee for non-device users. We're still working on that.

Todd Cochrane (06:29)

So are you, was the goal of the show here to find people to distribute and have this available retail? Or is it available on Amazon? Where people can be able to find this?

Selin Tamer (06:38)

Yes. It's going to be available on our website And, and yeah, we're here at the show to build partnerships to figure out where we can, what would be what would make sense where to place it in. And I think it will come into other channels as well. Pretty soon.

Todd Cochrane (06:54)

Outstanding. Well, congratulations. Great idea. Much success to you and in getting the product. Is it available now? Is it today available already or?

Selin Tamer (07:04)

So you can waitlist now.

Todd Cochrane (07:05)


Selin Tamer (07:06)

After the show, we'll open pre-orders which are shipping very soon. So we've got everything so and we know newborn parents want to have the products available when the baby is born.

Todd Cochrane (07:16)

That's right.

Selin Tamer (07:16)

So there won't be any delayed shipments.

Todd Cochrane (07:18)

All right. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for demonstrating to us Cubtale.

Selin Tamer (07:23)


Todd Cochrane (07:24)

All right-

Selin Tamer (07:26)


Todd Cochrane (07:27)


Erin Hurst (07:30)

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