Swayy: The smart mattress that adapts to your body's needs @ CES 2022 - Show Notes

Swayy: The smart mattress that adapts to your body's needs @ CES 2022

Saturday Jan 29, 2022 (00:10:14)


Do you ever have trouble sleeping through the night? Do you wake up too hot or too cold, and can never seem to find a comfortable temperature? If so, Swayy may be the solution for you! It is a new kind of mattress with technology that adapts to your body's specific needs. Imagine, a mattress with the ability to cool and warm the different areas of your bed, at different times during your sleep cycle. This allows you to always have a perfect comfort level at all times, from head to toe, without having to worry about finding the perfect temperature. Swayy is simple and easy to use - just connect it to the app and USB-C, and you're on your way to a great night's sleep!

What exactly is Swayy?

Swayy is a "smart" mattress. Wait... what? You read that right, a "smart" mattress - meaning it has special features that make it able to adapt to your own individual and specific sleep needs. Swayy has separate temperature zones for different areas of the bed, so you are always comfortable no matter what position you're in. It's also really easy to use - with just a simple connection, you're good to go!

Why do I need Swayy?

Probably the most common human complaint is the lack of a good night's sleep. There are so many variables that contribute to insomnia, with temperature being right up at the top of the list. There's not much worse than waking up because you are too cold, except maybe waking up because you are too hot. Well, you can customize your experience with Swayy to make sure that it's always perfect for you - from the temperature zones to how long it takes to heat up or cool down. Plus, Swayy is really easy to use so there's no hassle involved! They pride themselves on providing optimum thermal comfort, all throughout the night.

What sets Swayy apart?

There are a few things that set Swayy apart from other mattresses on the market. Firstly, it has separate temperature zones for the different parts of your body, ensuring that you're always comfortable no matter what position you sleep in. It easily adapts to the changing needs of your body, warming and cooling different areas of your bed at different stages of your sleep cycle. Secondly, Swayy is really easy to use and doesn't require any complicated setup. It is very simple and intuitive, with no water to fill up or pump to install. You'll have an ideal night's sleep, right at your fingertips. The app lets you manage your own thermal comfort across four key mattress zones: Shoulders, lower back, hips, and feet. Settings can also be customized for each phase of the night, as your temperature needs change. Then, once you have your favorite settings in place, the Swayy mattress does the rest automatically.


Make sure to watch the full interview and then for more information, be sure to check out their website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Erin Hurst (00:07)

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Todd Cochrane (00:27)

All right, I want to welcome Daniella. Oh, I'm going to destroy your last name.

Daniella Kooijman (00:32)


Todd Cochrane (00:33)


Daniella Kooijman (00:34)


Todd Cochrane (00:35)

She's the Director of Business Development very well, out of Germany. Welcome to the show.

Daniella Kooijman (00:40)

Thank you very much.

Todd Cochrane (00:41)


Daniella Kooijman (00:41)

It's a pleasure to be here.

Todd Cochrane (00:44)

Yeah. So what I noticed this morning, is there's a booth over there that has a German team and as I was walking by, they were talking about what they're going to do for the day and so the German contingent here at CES is impressive.

Daniella Kooijman (00:58)

Yes, I think so too because it's very important to be in here from Germany because here are all our important contacts and yeah, therefore it is necessary for Germany being on the CES.

Todd Cochrane (01:12)

Yeah, absolutely. Well, we're glad you're here. So, tell me about what you're doing with your company and what your goal is here for CES.

Daniella Kooijman (01:21)

Okay. We at Variowell Development believe in signs. Yeah. And we are working on sleep technologies, sleep solutions for better sleep. That's why are we here and we concentrate at the CES on one of our products is Swayy. It's the first time we can present Swayy. And Swayy is the essence of what we do because we combine a product, it's a mattress, which combines cooling and warming in one mattress. Yeah?

Todd Cochrane (02:01)


Daniella Kooijman (02:02)

And, sorry?

Todd Cochrane (02:03)

Well, you know, for me, I'm the type of guy that has to have a blanket on top and a foot out at the bottom. That's my radiator because I don't like hot feet. I got to be cool.

Daniella Kooijman (02:12)


Todd Cochrane (02:13)

So, you know, there are a few companies that have come out with some of the mattresses that have some various cooling, but not one that I think that does both.

Daniella Kooijman (02:21)

Yeah, that's right. It's really unique and we are talking about thermal comfort because it's not like heating or extremely cooling. It's like to so that you have a perfect night.

Todd Cochrane (02:36)


Daniella Kooijman (02:36)

Yeah, for example, cold feet for you but it's not normal to have warm feet because I have on - normally, I have the cold feet

Todd Cochrane (02:45)


Daniella Kooijman (02:47)

Yeah, and we divide Swayy in four zones. So we have two possibilities to steer, for example, coolness to the feet and for example, a little bit more cooling to the head or in the lower back. We have really four mattresses.

Todd Cochrane (03:06)

Four zones. Yeah?

Daniella Kooijman (03:06)

Four zones. Yeah, and you have the possibility to change it during the night. Our really unique position is that we don't need air,we don't need any water, we have a natural cooling aspect, we use bands, and that's super-orientated graphics. It's really natural cooling without any power.

Todd Cochrane (03:33)


Daniella Kooijman (03:34)

For the heating bands, we just need USB-C as it's really low power and a set that is so easy, sustainable, smart, and of course, affordable. Yeah?

Todd Cochrane (03:49)


Daniella Kooijman (03:49)

It's a price range for a good quality mattress.

Todd Cochrane (03:54)

So, are you here to license this technology to mattress manufacturers, or do you guys actually create and sell your own mattresses?

Daniella Kooijman (04:02)

Our goal is not really to sell our own mattresses. We are the distributor of the technology and we are looking for big players who are interested in it.

Todd Cochrane (04:17)

Yeah, and here in the United States where there's probably half a dozen major mattress manufacturers, how's the relationship or how is you're meeting so far? What's been the response?

Daniella Kooijman (04:32)

As we have a really good context to the US market. It's a very open mind market. They are very interested in new things and yeah, we still have a few contexts with another product was Kiku, for example, and Swayy is really the newest one and we would like to go to the market in summer this year. Yeah.

Todd Cochrane (04:58)

You know what, I lived in Hawaii for 25 years and the challenge there was it was always just too hot. In most houses, there were not air-conditioned because of the trade winds and everything and if you did run AC it was very expensive. So, for me, like I said, I don't like to have hot feet so, there was a product that was being sold, it actually injected air into the bed and it was, it was okay but it was noisy and if the sheets got a little bit moved, it really wasn't effective. So, it really wasn't great was in the early days as a good interim solution but I think something built into a mattress that does this is, because you know, we spent what we spend on one of these beds a quarter of our lives in bed, right?

Daniella Kooijman (05:46)


Todd Cochrane (05:47)

And the better we sleep, the better we can operate. So are you building then algorithms on temperature profiles that are proven to help people sleep better if they go into REM or whatever you developing?

Daniella Kooijman (06:03)

We are using a fingerprint as our branding because we would like to say you can individualize your Swayy mattress. Yeah? You can, for example, set okay, I would like it this or this way, and we have pre-settings to like a slumber list. It's created from sleep, yet not sleep designers/smart sleep experts and therefore you can only press one point on your app, and then you have preset in, for example, the perfect one for you. Important is for us that is very, very easy. Not complicated. Yeah?

Todd Cochrane (06:40)


Daniella Kooijman (06:42)

That's, I think it's our unique point.

Todd Cochrane (06:45)

Are you going to zone this so if you have a spouse or partner that one half of the bed is one profile and the other half is the other?

Daniella Kooijman (06:52)

Yes, of course.

Todd Cochrane (06:53)

Yeah, because the key is which side you're going to sleep on the bed they guess it doesn't matter if it's your profile, you can say which side you're sleeping on that day, right?

Daniella Kooijman (07:02)

Yeah, that's right. As space is really very flexible. Yeah? If you have a king-size bed or queen-size bed and we can get divided into two parts whenever it's necessary.

Todd Cochrane (07:15)

Yeah. Sounds like a cool technology. So, when do you expect this to see this in mattresses here in the United States or even in Germany or wherever? Where are you guys at on deployment on this?

Daniella Kooijman (07:28)


Todd Cochrane (07:29)

So where are you in the process of licensing and happiness being available?

Daniella Kooijman (07:34)

We are the patent owner of Swayy and so we are looking for a good partnership. Yeah?

Todd Cochrane (07:42)


Daniella Kooijman (07:43)

So that we go together and develop maybe the thing further because the interesting thing is, we have an app for Swayy.

Todd Cochrane (07:54)


Daniella Kooijman (07:54)

You can combine it for example with your heart rate for example for whatever what's healthy for you and one point you said sleep is so very important for us?

Todd Cochrane (08:06)


Daniella Kooijman (08:06)

For our health.

Todd Cochrane (08:07)


Daniella Kooijman (08:07)

For our mood. Yeah?

Todd Cochrane (08:09)


Daniella Kooijman (08:09)

The whole day.

Todd Cochrane (08:10)

Cell regeneration everything.

Daniella Kooijman (08:12)


Todd Cochrane (08:13)


Daniella Kooijman (08:13)

Of course, and therefore we are here to try to improve or we are improving the sleep of everyone.

Todd Cochrane (08:23)

So now it's just a matter of getting some partners getting technology embedded in those mattresses and getting those to markets?

Daniella Kooijman (08:29)


Todd Cochrane (08:29)

So probably sometime next year we'll actually see this on showroom floors?

Daniella Kooijman (08:35)

Yeah, of course, as we are in the nose hole and there you can see a lot of impressions. What it is? We have, for example, you can feel exactly this natural cooling.

Todd Cochrane (08:50)


Daniella Kooijman (08:51)

We have the beds there so that you can get an impression of what we can deliver.

Todd Cochrane (08:57)

Awesome. So, what is the website where those at home that they're watching or if they're part of the industry can go and find out more information?

Daniella Kooijman (09:04)

It's Swayy.tech.

Todd Cochrane (09:07)


Daniella Kooijman (09:10)

Double. Sorry. Can you repeat it?

Todd Cochrane (09:16)

It's S-W-A-Y

Daniella Kooijman (09:19)


Todd Cochrane (09:20)

Oh!, two Y's?

Daniella Kooijman (09:20)

Yes. Sorry.

Todd Cochrane (09:22)


Daniella Kooijman (09:23)

Yeah. Okay.

Todd Cochrane (09:24)

All right so everyone S-W-A-Y-Y.tech. Definitely check out their website. Daniela, thank you for coming on. We appreciate it. Have a great show. Thank you for coming.

Daniella Kooijman (09:33)

Thank you very much.

Erin Hurst (09:37)

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