Human Touch: The best way to rejuvenate your mind and body @ CES 2022 - Show Notes

Human Touch: The best way to rejuvenate your mind and body @ CES 2022

Thursday Mar 3, 2022 (00:10:51)


Modern life can be stressful. We've got work and, for many, commuting a decent distance. Commuting means traffic, and traffic means stress. We've got responsibilities at home, from family responsibilities to mowing the yard and washing the car. Plus, we know that social media is simply a stress generator for most people. It can be really difficult to find a place where we can have a few minutes of pure relaxation and pampering, but Human Touch is here with a solution.

What is Human Touch?

Do you feel run down? Stressed? A little older than you'd like to admit? If so, it might be time for you to invest in a Human Touch massage chair or recliner. Human Touch has been providing innovative massage technology for over 40 years, and its products are some of the best on the market. Not only do Human Touch products help you feel better physically, but they also provide a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation that can be hard to find elsewhere.

One of the things that Human Touch does so well is that it allows you to customize your massage experience. You can choose the type of massage you want, the intensity, and even the location on your body. Plus, Human Touch offers a range of ergonomic seating options, so you can find the perfect chair or recliner for your own unique needs. Whether you're looking for a product to help with tension headaches or just want something to help you relax after a long day, Human Touch has got you covered.

Human Touch products

Human Touch offers a large range of massage chairs, recliners, and other massage products. At CES this year, the company brought two of their most loved chairs: Super Novo and Certus.

Super Novo Massage Chair

One of Human Touch's newest products is the Super Novo Massage Chair. This top-of-the-line massage chair offers a full-body massage with 32 airbags, as well as heat and lumbar support. The Super Novo also offers three different massage programs, meaning this chair has everything you need to feel your best. You can customize your massage experience with three different programs, and the Super Novo even has a built-in music player so you can relax to your favorite tunes. If you're looking for a top-of-the-line massage chair, the Super Novo is the perfect option.

Certus Massage Chair

The Certus Massage Chair is a great option for those who are looking for a more budget-friendly massage chair. This chair offers a full-body massage with airbags, as well as heat and lumbar support. You can choose from three different massage programs, and the Certus even has a built-in music player. If you're looking for a massage chair that offers a great value, the Certus is the perfect option.


Bot the Super Novo Massage Chair and the Certus Massage Chair are available now. Super Novo Massage Chair is available for $9,999 and the Certus Massage Chair is available for $7,999. To learn more about the product lineup or to purchase one for your home or business, head to their website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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Scott Ertz

Host, Episode Author

Scott is a developer who has worked on projects of varying sizes, including all of the PLUGHITZ Corporation properties. He is also known in the gaming world for his time supporting the rhythm game community, through DDRLover and hosting tournaments throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Currently, when he is not working on software projects or hosting F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, Scott can often be found returning to his high school days working with the Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), mentoring teams and helping with ROBOTICON Tampa Bay. He has also helped found a student software learning group, the ASCII Warriors, currently housed at AMRoC Fab Lab.


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Erin Hurst (00:07)

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Scott Ertz (00:27)

Our next guest is here. Hello.

Victoria Lladoc (00:32)

How are you?

Scott Ertz (00:33)

Fantastic. Yourself?

Victoria Lladoc (00:35)

I'm doing well. I'm Vicki Lladoc from Human Touch. The Director of Marketing here, I want to show you a couple of the chairs that we have going on over here.

Scott Ertz (00:44)

Okay, so Human Touch makes chairs.

Victoria Lladoc (00:48)

Yes, we make massage chairs, and we make other basically wellness products.

Scott Ertz (00:53)


Victoria Lladoc (00:54)

So yeah, so lots of stuff to keep you healthy and functioning.

Scott Ertz (01:00)

Very cool. So yeah, let's definitely take a look. This is something that in the past, we never could have featured on the live show. People who were watching live could have never seen it. But thanks to our friend, Steve. We're doing remote so we can actually see your product out on the floor. Let's see this.

Victoria Lladoc (01:20)

Yeah. Yay. See. So we have our great. So we have two chairs that we have on the floor this CES. We have this chair right here. This Ivy-colored chair is called our Super Novo. This is our top-of-the-line massage chair. And I'm actually going to. The best way to show you this chair is to actually sit in it.

Scott Ertz (01:40)


Victoria Lladoc (01:42)

So as you can see, as I sit in this chair, you are fully encompassed in this chair. You can see the speakers are right here. You just kind of sit back and you actually feel like you're in a kind of a cocoon of wellness is what I like to call it. But what is great about this chair, as we are here in CES, we actually debuted this chair about two years ago in the last live CES, which was 2020. And this chair is actually the first massage chair to be Alexa enabled. So you can actually use Alexa with this chair to move you, to start the massage. When I am fully in this chair, I have my arms in these, like-. I call them hot dog buns. So you put your arms on both of these basically. And when you're in there, it's very hard to kind of grab a remote or to control the chair that way because you want to stay immersed, you want to stay relaxed, you want to be in the massage at the moment. So when this is Alexa enabled, you basically just say, "Alexa asked my Novo to give me a massage." You go back into zero gravity, and your massage starts. So it's really cool for that, that you know, and we call it virtual therapist because it is like having a therapist. You basically tell them what to do. And they will do the massage for you, you can set a profile. So I can say "Hi virtual therapist, my name is Vicki. I'm 5' 6" and I like medium intensity. I like 10-minute massages, and I prefer a shiatsu style. So that kind of stays in that memory bank. And next time I sit in the chair and I say "Hello, um, Hi, tell the virtual therapist, this is Vicki." It will go, it will do the massages that I liked as well. So some really great kind of functionality and technology built into that. This chair is also app-enabled. So you can control it with your app if you prefer to use your phone as a remote. So you can do that as well. But so those are the great CES kind of technical things to the chair.

Scott Ertz (03:38)


Victoria Lladoc (03:39)


Scott Ertz (03:40)

So I got, so Twitch chat. I've been watching Twitch chat because they're responding to you live. They are loving the design, and love the idea that there are profile settings for different people.

Victoria Lladoc (03:54)

Yeah, it's great. It really helps too, because of the multi-person household. Each person kind of has their own profile setting and they sit in the chair and they can get into their massage pretty quickly. That's stuff kind of, we want to make it all convenient. So besides all that this is just a great high-end massage chair. It's got the features that you would expect in a chair like this including an S and L track. An S and L track, S means it's a curved track. So it actually follows very closely the curvature of your back and L meaning it comes under your seat. So you actually get a glute massage in this chair as well when you're in it. It has air compression as I showed you the hot dog arms so you can get your arms to get a good, a great compression massage. When you're leaning back here, your shoulders actually also get a massage. And another thing that this chair does that you'll find in a lot of thigh-ended massage chairs is an excellent stretch. So what happens is I will sit in this chair, these things will inflate it'll hold my shoulders, it will recline all the way to zero gravity and. I can show this. So I also have these foot and calf massagers where my legs are in. This will actually hold my leg down. And if you can imagine that will stretch me. So I can actually feel a stretch in my back. In my back, the robot will actually push my back upward. So you have a great stretch. When that happens, it's almost like, like you can. You just feel your vertebrae extending and it feels like you're actually you come out of it to two inches taller. So it's a really great therapeutic stretch that kind of in a lot of the massage programs that starts the program or ends the program. So it's a really great kind of way to, to book in that program and get your massage, kind of give a kind of a finishing touch as you as you wrap up.

Scott Ertz (05:39)

So we got a question. Are there things like temperature controls for arches and comfort?

Victoria Lladoc (05:45)

Sure, there is only one temperature there is a heat setting. So you only have the one temperature, but yes, we do recommend the heat with a massage because it does help loosen your muscles. So when you get the massage, it really does help to kind of do a more penetrating massage. But yes, there is but there is only one level of heat.

Scott Ertz (06:03)

Okay, but there is aches, aches, I'm sorry, it says aches, not arches, they are laughing at me. But obviously you knew what I was saying?

Victoria Lladoc (06:13)

Great for aches and pains. Perfect for aches and pains.

Scott Ertz (06:16)

Perfect. So who is your target demo on this? Is this designed to be put in a place where people go to? Or is this designed for me to have in my office or studio next year.

Victoria Lladoc (06:32)

Anywhere that you can find room for it. That's our target audience. We sell direct to consumers. We also do some B2B business where we sell into nail salons or gyms or we do hospitality too where we're in certain hotels or things like that. But a bulk of our business is direct to the consumer. So we sell in places like Costco, or online on Amazon or Best Buy or Target or any of those places.

Scott Ertz (06:56)

Wow. Okay, and what kind of price point are we looking at on this?

Victoria Lladoc (06:59)

So the chair that I'm sitting in right now, which is our top of the line massage chair. This is our Super Novo. The Super Novo retails for $10,000. It is, like I said, it is very high end massage chair. This chair right next to it is a little bit smaller of a chair. And this is called our Certus. This is the chair that we're actually debuting this year at CES, it came out in November. I also have one of them behind me in this very eye-catching yellow. You can see that the surface is a little bit smaller chair. It's a little more intense. I like to say the Super Novo is kind of like you're touring luxury sedan to a racecar. So it's smaller, very intense and comes in lots of great bright colors like this yellow behind me, this blue, we have a gray kind of cream color. And it really does lend itself to see very just a chair that you can use that people use a lot for recovery. For, you know, after exercise for if they just want a more kind of intense massage.

Scott Ertz (08:01)

Gotcha. Okay, that's great. I'm the perfect chair for break time at CES. I would imagine that your booth is really popular.

Victoria Lladoc (08:10)

Yes, we actually constantly have a line of people ready to get them aside. So I can't can't say I have any complaints about that. So we've had a lot of happy people walk out of here.

Scott Ertz (08:20)

I would imagine. So I also really love the logo that the H is a chair.

Victoria Lladoc (08:27)

There you go. Yes, that's exactly what it is. It's supposed to be kind of that the chair and then mesh with the H but yeah, I didn't come up with it. But yeah, I like it as well.

Scott Ertz (08:39)

I'm a little picky on branding, and I really love your logo.

Victoria Lladoc (08:45)

Thank you. That's high praise. I'll take it.

Scott Ertz (08:49)

The chat is also saying Yes. Great branding. So.

Victoria Lladoc (08:54)

Yeah. If anyone out there is at CES, come on by. We have some chairs available for trying out.

Scott Ertz (09:00)

Excellent. And for those who are not at CES if they want more information about your products, how can they get it?

Victoria Lladoc (09:06)

Yep, definitely visit our website. It's And also, we're on all social media and our handle is "HT Feel Better."

Scott Ertz (09:17)

Very cool. Thank you so much for showing this off. That is truly super cool. I always try to interact with the chairs when I'm there from various companies. And this sounds like it is like the top of the line. So that's awesome.

Victoria Lladoc (09:38)

If I could go around here without scaring anyone and show you everyone's faces as they're sitting in the chair, I would but that usually a good indicator.

Scott Ertz (09:46)

For sure. Yeah, I would imagine people make some interesting faces.

Victoria Lladoc (09:51)

Had to wake a few people up.

Scott Ertz (09:53)

Probably. Well, I really appreciate you taking the time to show us the product today and hopefully you'll have a good rest of CES. I know you've only got a couple hours left there.

Victoria Lladoc (10:05)

Yeah, we're wrapping it up. Thank you very much. I appreciate being on the show.

Scott Ertz (10:08)

Absolutely. Thank you.

Victoria Lladoc (10:10)


Scott Ertz (10:10)


Victoria Lladoc (10:11)


Erin Hurst (10:14)

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