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Super Talent RAIDDrive For USB 3.0

posted Sunday Nov 28, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Super Talent RAIDDrive For USB 3.0

As far as flash drives go you can certainly say that the Super Talent USB 3.0 RAIDDrive is impressive and not just because of the many capital letters that scream "performance!" at you like a Powerthrist commercial. As the name subtly suggests this isn't a mere flash drive, its a RAIDDrive, that consists of 2 SSDs (Solid State Drives) in a Raid 0 configuration. USB 2.0 would not be able to keep up with the 371MB/sec read speeds and 185MB/sec write speeds which is why you will need USB 3.0 and their UAS Protocol driver.

To find out more about the "talent" and see a video hit the break.

The bad news about relying on USB 3.0 right now is that it just isn't out there except in the highest end computing products which in tern are very costly and overpowered for the average computing enthusiast. Maybe in a year or so USB 3.0 tech will be more affordable but for today the price for relatively small SSDs and this RAIDDrive are quite high. The 32GB model runs $225, the 64GB runs $300, and the 128GB will set you back $575.

I'm still really excited that flash drives and solid state drives are progressing as they are. This doesn't mean I think that flash drives are a viable means to replace hard drives. For more permanent data storage you should still rely on a non-volatile, powered means like PCIE or SATA drives. That being said, I am closely watching this technology and waiting for the price to come down to level I can justify paying for them.


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