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Google Reaches Out to Non-Disney

posted Sunday Nov 28, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Google Reaches Out to Non-Disney

With Google TV taking a big hit this week, they are looking for other ways to bolster their video streaming offerings. They believe that an agreement with Miramax studios would be a quick and easy way to accomplish this goal.

Miramax, currently part of Walt Disney Corporation, is set to be purchased by a holding company and Google's people have been in discussions with the new owners to get the rights of distribution to the more than 700 titles available in the Miramax library, including No Country For Old Men and Finding Neverland Blu-ray.

How might this affect you? Hit the break to find out.

If Google takes over ownership of Miramax distribution, then we could see their titles disappear from Netflix, Hulu Plus and other offerings. However, it could help out YouTube's rental service and Google TV. Will it be enough to overcome the loss of Viacom, ESPN and others?

The only way it helps is if they are able to show some success with it and get other content owners to join their ranks. One company moving over is a good start but not enough of a dynamic change to really make an overall change to the business. The only way to know what will happen is to stay tuned.


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