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Gran Turismo 5 Is Finally Here... Well, The Boxes Are

posted Sunday Nov 28, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Gran Turismo 5 Is Finally Here... Well, The Boxes Are

The 5 year wait for the 5th release in the epic Gran Turismo franchise might very well have come to an end. The game has shipped out to retailers and there is even some online game play footage. But let's not pop the champaign just yet. Anyone who has followed the franchise at all will not be able to kick their Perkaset addictions until it's actually in their PS3 and being played, by them. Especially after the recent release date shenanigans that Sony and Polyphony have pulled. Also, as Scott mentioned to me, we saw footage of Spore 2 years before the game actually released.

To see some of the game play footage and the hilarious Sony commercial hit the break.

The first video is courtesy of G4TV who shows off some of the game play we can expected to enjoy if indeed it ever reaches our PlayStation 3 consoles. The interface has been completely redone but still retains that Gran Turismo feel we have come to know in terms of in-game navigation. Navigating from menu to menu also looks quick and smooth but loading times for the car thumbnails and the cars themselves within the selection menu was a bit laggy. The graphics do not disappoint at all but the inability of the G4 staff to even perform a simple race competently to properly demo the game is very disappointing.

The next video clip is the awesome promotion that Sony has been putting on air to generate buzz about the game. This is brought to us courtesy of metacafe.

Is all this enough to convince you that 11/30/10 is the big day? Let us know.


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