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Justin Bieber Rivals Black Friday On Twitter

posted Saturday Nov 27, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Justin Bieber Rivals Black Friday On Twitter

It's that time of year where turkey, relentless TV ads, and a rainforest's worth of junk mail floods mailboxes across the country in an effort to get "out of the red and into the black." Traditional media services have always been the driving force behind the millions upon millions of dollars spent every year on Black Friday advertising and as more time goes by social media is finding a growing importance with their role.

What's their role and are they doing a good job? Hit the break to find out.

Amazingly Twitter found a way to make an undisclosed amount of money this Black Friday by taking a Google AdSense approach to selling keywords, or trends. The "Promoted Trend" on Twitter during Black Friday was exactly that and if you were to click on it then you would see that Target had purchased that trend for the day and for an undisclosed amount.

Target wasn't the only bull's eye in social media marketing though. Wal-Mart even one upped them with the aide of Justin Bieber who has over 6 million followers on Twitter. On Black Friday Bieber, or rather someone who gets paid to Tweet for Bieber, made an announcement that his new album was available at Wal-Mart locations. Achieving much the same results for far less undisclosed money.

There is a web of direct and indirect relationships that comprise the above events. The most beneficial of which, in my opinion, is the one between Wal-Mart and Justin Bieber's label or other affiliation that resulted in Wal-Mart being the only retailer mentioned to carry his album. Although it's impossible to know the terms behind that twit, err tweet, I'm certain they got a bargain deal compared to Target.

So that makes the loser here none other than Twitter. If it isn't already obvious why then you can read my following explanation. It is because they failed to capitalize on all the Black Friday advertising done using their very own service. Why aren't they charging everyone to advertise? But hey, everything's going to be all right so long as they can keep investor capital flowing in.


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