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Swastikas are Not the Way to Win on Xbox Live

posted Sunday Nov 28, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Swastikas are Not the Way to Win on Xbox Live

Microsoft's community czar, Stephen Toulouse, has had an interesting career. It seems he steps in it every time he appears in the public, either in person or in writing. I believe we all remember the gamer who was banned for living in a town named Fort Gay.

This week's faux pas comes to us via Twitter. He was asked,

Hey, I'm not a genocidal hater of Jews but I really love the design of the swastika because its actually used by numerous religions, can I use it as my Call Of Duty: Black Ops logo? SWASTIKAS ARE AWESOME.

For his reaction, hit the break.

His answer was, "no, of course you can't, we'll ban you." Of course this is what happened. Microsoft only recently allowed people to admit they are gay on their profiles. Who would have expected that you could use a swastika as your Black Ops icon?

Apparently the Internet did. Little did he know that his simple statement would bring the wrath of the Internet down on him again. We all know the type we're talking about - the ones that write about how many problems the Mac Book Air has and then rate it a 4/5. You know, the ones that are completely disassociated from reality. The reality where one group ruined a cool design for everyone else.

In summation,

If you see offensive symbols in Call of Duty, Black Ops, report them using the in game option and they will be taken care of. If you want to argue that swastikas are actually AWESOME, go to another forum. On Xbox LIVE they are not allowed. :>


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