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Netflix Adjusts Prices, Offers Streaming-Only Package

posted Sunday Nov 28, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Netflix Adjusts Prices, Offers Streaming-Only Package

Everyone asked for it and I suppose after Hulu announced its official price tier for Hulu Plus, it was time for Netflix to make its move.

To compete with Hulu's $7.99/month Hulu Plus pricing, Netflix's new streaming-only package comes in at $7.99/month and includes its Starz Play service. For everyone else, the price is going up. The basic 1 DVD at-a-time package will now run $9.99/month and of course, still comes with Netflix's streaming capabilities.

Want the whole new pricing structure in a fancy chart? Follow the break to get it and to find out about what happens if you are already on a plan.

For anyone who is on the old pricing tier, in January you will be billed the new price for the package that you have selected.

The price of your 1 DVD out at-a-time (Unlimited) plan will change to $9.99 (plus any applicable tax) a month starting with your next billing period on or after Jan 02, 2011. If you select a new plan in the meantime, you will only be able to return to your current plan at the new price, regardless of when you make the change.

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