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Hey T-Mobile, AT&T Has a 3G Network, 80% of it HSPA+

posted Sunday Nov 21, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Hey T-Mobile, AT&T Has a 3G Network, 80% of it HSPA+

HSPA, where have I heard that before? Oh yes, it was talked about when 3G technologies were new and upcoming and improving and developing and all that good stuff. Now, we have HSPA+, which is 2.5x faster than the former HSPA network. To summarize, both of these networks are third generation technology. With me so far? Good.

Where am I going with this? Follow me after the break to find out!

Well, in fantasy lands such as T-Mobileville, they upstanding citizens there think HSPA+ is 4G technology and like to lie and confuse their customers by saying technology doesn't matter, only download speeds do. AT&T, however, has lived in the real world for ages now (aside from those crazy Appletons) and has always called their HSPA+ network 3G. This week they have promised us that they expanded their HSPA+ network this year - a 3G technology - and have some numbers to back it up. In San Francisco this week at Sencha Conference, AT&T CTO John Donovan said that AT&T has improved a total of 80% of its network to HSPA+.

More news from them is that data traffic from recent months has dropped from 50 times to 30 times of what it was at three years ago. He still claims it is "still a tremendous growth rate" as he noted that it still a, get this, three thousand percent increase from three years ago. Wow.

The important thing to take away from this is that HSPA+ is 3G, not 4G. T-Mobile has lied to their customers and is now being scrutinized by the GSM Association, who may consider even pulling T-Mobile's GSM license! We here at the show would just like to point out the truth, and it's actually pretty great that AT&T has increased over three-quarters of its network to the faster towers.


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