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T-Mobile Has a 4G Network?

posted Saturday Nov 6, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

T-Mobile Has a 4G Network?

Remember just over a month ago when I told you T-Mobile doesn't care about 4G? Well, apparently they must've had some sort of mental breakdown because now they have announced that they have a 4G network and it has been rolled out for a few weeks already!

If this doesn't sound right to you, pat yourself on the back. T-Mobile does not have a fourth generation network, they don't even have a sustained third generation network! The company has decided that customers don't care about the technology behind the network powering their mobile devices and only care about download speeds.

This all started with a commercial I saw on TV about T-Mobile's new myTouch4G. It was mocking the iPhone 4's limited features and AT&T's 3G network. They then went on to say they have the largest 4G network! What? T-Mobile currently has (in very limited areas) a third-gen HSPA+ network, which, while fast, is nowhere near the speeds of WiMax or LTE - both 4G networks.

To see the commercial they put out that sparked me to raise my hand to question their logic, follow the break.

So, they are trying to pass off 3G speeds as 4G technology. This is going to confuse the semi-educated customer, anger the intelligent consumer and cater to the uneducated masses who will then flock to the carrier like sheep and buy this new phone, thinking it's the best thing on the market right now. Shameful.

Here, take a look at one of the ads for yourself. Tell me what you think in the comments.


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posted Saturday Nov 6, 2010 by PLuGHiTz

My favorite part of all of this is that they not only claim to have a 4G network but that it is the largest in the country. How has the Better Business Bureau not called shenanigans on this? Or how has someone not filed suit against them for false advertising? At least when Alltel claimed the largest network, they were correct in their class. T-Mobile doesn't have a single 4G tower let alone the largest network.

posted Sunday Nov 7, 2010 by PLuGHiTz_Jon

I remember seeing this commercial and just not believeing I even saw it. First of all, I don't know who the new girl is but she is no Catherine Zeta by any means. Secondly, Sprint has more 4G coverage than T-Mobile has 3G coverage. You say 4G, T-Mobile says hur hur hur.

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