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WinPho 7 Devices for Verizon for the Holidays?

posted Sunday Nov 21, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

WinPho 7 Devices for Verizon for the Holidays?

Microsoft's been on a Tweet craze lately. After announcing that the 'Series' from 'Windows Phone 7 Series' will be dropped, they dropped an announcement on their Twitter saying Verizon customers should expect WinPho 7 devices for the holidays with more coming in 2011.

#WP7 devices will be rolling into Verizon stores this holiday season and more will arrive in early 2011!

Since then, they have made another announcement saying,

Verizon is a valued partner and we look forward to seeing Windows Phone 7 devices in their stores in 2011.

Hmm. Those sound oddly similar but oddly different at the same time. The original Tweet hasn't been pulled but this does raise yet another question with what Microsoft plans to do with WinPho 7. I'd love to see a CDMA WinPho 7 device on Sprint, though!


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