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The Internet says - Kitten > Lord

posted Saturday Nov 20, 2010 by Scott Ertz

The Internet says - Kitten > Lord

Now that we have discussed how Tumblr stays around, the next topic is why. It bills itself as a blogging site but in reality it tends to lend itself to being very 4chan. In fact, recently there has been a war building between the anti-social 4channers and the anti-social tumblrs. Sounds thrilling, eh?

Well, it turns out to have been very interesting. You're probably asking yourself, "How is that possible?" The answer is simple - Tumblr seems to have won. Let me explain. Both sites seem to be populated by teenage hackers in their parents basements, but 4chan has several years of recruiting their members ahead of Tumblr. However, after Tumblr users have seemingly stolen Internet memes from 4chan, things have gone crazy.

To find out how crazy, hit the break.

4chan instituted Operation Overlord - their plan to take out Tumblr with their usual tactics: pornography and denial of service attacks. They passed these flyers around the Internet:

inline article image

Once Tumblr members learned of the attack, they decided to fight back with Operation Overkitten (based on 4chan's love of LOLcats). Thier plan was to beat 4chan at their own game, kind of. First, instead of porn, they would overload 4chan with pictures of kittens. They would, however, use DoS attacks and clever Photoshop skills, like below.

inline article image

The biggest surprise is that 4chan was actually the loser. They lost their servers for over 15 minutes and they had speed problems all day. I definitely have to give credit to Tumblr for taking them down, but you have made a very powerful enemy this week. Good luck to you all.


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