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Google Beats the Apple

posted Saturday Nov 20, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Google Beats the Apple

If you have been following The UpStream since August of last year, you know very well that Google and Apple have been battling over Google Voice on the iPhone. Apple claimed that Google's Voice app duplicated too many features of the iPhone and that it would be confusing for users.

After over a year and many trips to the FCC (Round 2, Round 3), Google and Apple seem to have figured out a way to move forward. Google's official Voice app has hit the App Store.

For more on the drama, hit the break.

The app gives you everything you would expect from a full-featured Google Voice app: call, text, notifications, voicemail and contacts. It is currently available only to US residents on iPhones running iOS 3.1 and above. Obviously you will also need a valid Google Voice account but you already knew that.

So, take that, Apple. Google can outlast your crazy and win.


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