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OnLive Presents MicroConsole Computer for Your Gaming Enjoyment

posted Sunday Nov 21, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

OnLive Presents MicroConsole Computer for Your Gaming Enjoyment

OnLive still may be battling its latency issues, but that's not stopping the company from releasing their MicroConsole TV adapter that connects your TV to your Internet and allows you to game with a nifty PlayStation360 lookalike controller with media buttons on the bottom.

With this minicomputer, games are delivered right away to you over the Internet and all you have to do is play. Best of all, it's only $99 and starts shipping December 2nd.

For tech specs and more, follow the break.

First, OnLive is promoting this device to have unlimited gaming performance, as all of the game's requirements come from the server, lag included. They boast that the console can go from start-up to gameplay in as little as 15 seconds. Combine that with the ability to attach 4 controllers at once, two USB ports, Bluetooth voice chat, an HDMI port and fiberoptic audio, you might have a pretty sweet set-top box.

For the controller, it looks like your average gaming controller in this new gamer era but it includes direct action buttons for media streaming and a one-touch button for a feature called Brag Clip, which will allow video recording.

At just $99, in the box you will find an HDMI cable, a rechargeable battery, a play and charge kit and an ethernet cable on top of the console and one controller.

With the whole game system weighing in at less than a pound, if OnLive can fix their server issues, this could be something really cool that could definitely make the Big Three step their games up, no pun intended.

Want more info? The product guide can be found here (PDF) or hit the source link below.


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