AT&T + iPhone : More Blocks for More Applications

AT&T + iPhone : More Blocks for More Applications

posted Sunday Aug 2, 2009 by Nicholas DiMeo

AT&T + iPhone : More Blocks for More Applications

More exclusivity battles are coming out of the telecom compounds, this time, from AT&T and Apple. Six weeks ago, Google developed and submitted a Google Voice application for the iPhone, which was rejected and remove from the iPhone application store recently. The FCC has contacted both AT&T and Apple, informally requesting their motives behind the matter. The issue is coming off of the heels of a new administration's tighter scrutiny on the telecom and manufacturing sectors of this tech industry.

The FCC is on "a mission to foster a competitive wireless marketplace, protect and empower consumers, and promote innovation and investment," Chairman Julius Genachowski said in a statement about the matter at hand. "Recent news reports raise questions about practices in the mobile marketplace."

This is not the first of the letters that have been sent. Advocates and smaller carriers have caused the FCC to also look into the overall competitiveness of cell phone makers and carriers, as well as pricing and exclusivity of certain devices.

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