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The Day The Interwebz Fell

posted Sunday Oct 17, 2010 by Scott Ertz

The Day The Interwebz Fell

We love the Internet and all of its insane glory but there are people out there that think it is a problem. You might be wondering, "Who are these madmen?" The answer, in short, is the FCC.

At their meeting in November, the 5 member board of the FCC could vote and elect themselves Internet Overlords and usurp Google's God-given right to rule the digital universe. There are a number of problems with this. First, the FCC members are hired bureaucrats, not elected officials, so allowing them to elect themselves in charge of anything is not only offensive but unconstitutional. Also, why do we want the government to have this kind of hand in controlling the sector of our economy that produces almost 1/5 of the country's income?

Hit the break for more on the FCC's attack on the Interwebz.

The short answer is, we don't. We all remember the Janet Jackson issue a few years ago that the FCC freaked out about. A simple wardrobe malfunction ended up costing CBS somewhere in the $11.5 million range, between FCC fines, sponsor reactions and legal actions. Another broadcast network was fined for airing a LIVE interview with a soldier in the field who shouted an obscenity when a bomb exploded behind him.

These are not the people we want to have the power to vote themselves in charge of anything, especially the Internet. People like this should not be in charge of replacing the batteries in the remote, let alone deciding what is OK to put on the Internet.

Also, we didn't elect these people, they were chosen for us. How could someone who was not elected claim ownership of anything? Everything about this seems suspect, right down to the fact that their meeting is in November, after the mid-term elections. Hopefully everything will work out for the best, but just in case, get your fill of craziness on the Internet now. Like this:


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