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Final Fantasy XIV Devs Adress Some Issues, Chocobos Still Sick

posted Saturday Oct 16, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Final Fantasy XIV Devs Adress Some Issues, Chocobos Still Sick

We have some follow up news since our review a few weeks ago and it looks like Square Enix has heard the players' "vocal" suggestions and/or screams about several key problems that were making more than the Chocobos sick with distress. On the 15th of this month the developers released some pre-patch notes cluing us in on what to expect come November.

Hit the break to find out how they intend to alleviate some problems.

I'm glad that the list of updates is long enough to keep me from highlighting every item and that there are some must address issues on the list. So based on my experience playing the game here are a few of the most import changes:

Inventory Sorting - Um, yes please. Manually sorting all the phat loots from my low level adventures is quite tedious but a great way to pass time after my 8hr. experience cap comes around.

Menu Navigation - They didn't go into detail on this but I still breathed a sigh of relief when they promised to somehow make it simpler and more functional. I don't care how, just do it. Anyone who has played will understand why. If you haven't, just take my word that it needs more help than the sick Chocobos.

Map - Players can now use the 'pos' text command to communicate their location to others. Thank the gods, it's a big world out there. Also, the area name will be added to journal maps. That should clear things up for some but doesn't mean anything to me because I never know where I am in approximation to anything anyway.

Log Window and Chat - Players can open multiple chat windows. Hooray! Now all my tells and party chat won't be drowned out by the guildleves and NPCs spewing dialog. That is, if people ever grouped or sent tells to each other. Also, while on the subject of tells, you can finally use CTRL + R to reply to any tells and mistells you might receive.

Targeting - The targeting priority is going to be changed. Hopefully this means that when you hit tab it selects the nearest enemy instead of yourself. This would make tab targeting much more convenient like it is in almost any other MMO.

There are plenty of other important updates relating to the marketplace, guildleves, class balancing and the like, many of which in my opinion are for the better. I was however disappointed that there was no news on the current condition of those majestic Chocobos that have fallen ill and thus cannot be ridden.


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