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Foxconn Cons Employees Yet Again?

posted Thursday Oct 14, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Foxconn Cons Employees Yet Again?

One of China's largest electronics manufacturers can't seem to stay out of trouble and out of the news. They have a long history of alleged worker mistreatment, wage discrimination and facilitating poor working conditions. All of which came to a head earlier this year when 11 employees attempted suicide. Foxconn then responded by trying to force them into signing, "I promise not to kill myself pledges." However, the most recent controversy stems from recent independent surveys conducted by several universities in China.

Hit the break to find out what the not so clever Foxconn is under the gun for now.

The universities surveyed 1,736 workers while only 14 were allowed access to Foxconn's facilities. Of the employees surveyed 16.4% attested to being subjected to corporal violence and 38.1% said their privacy had been invaded by management. Also, Foxconn reported giving employees a 30% raise earlier this year which is being contested by Global Times who broke the news of the survey as it had been previously unreleased. They are claiming that employees only received a 9.1% raise and lost health benefits among other compensations.

As if all this controversy wasn't enough there is some controversy about the controversy. Some fingers are being pointed back at Global Times as they are accused of being puppets for the Chinese government that seemingly has issues with Foxconn. Whatever the case may be, the iPads seem to be stacked against Foxconn given their long history of worker exploitation. They also have yet to comment on the current allegations.


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