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WinPho 7 to Get WinMo 3.1 Feature - Copy and Paste

posted Wednesday Oct 13, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

WinPho 7 to Get WinMo 3.1 Feature - Copy and Paste

It appears as though Microsoft has come to the realization that their new WinPho 7 operating system might be compared to the iPhone 1, 3 and 3GS in terms of what it cannot do. It also appears that they were just kidding when they said people don't copy and paste anymore. That is because this week Microsoft announced that there will be a software update to include copy and paste into Windows Phone 7. You'll just have to wait until 'early 2011' to get it. So don't go opening large Word documents just yet!

For more on the update, hit the break.

Microsoft's Andy Less mentioned that astounding little fact during a statement which told of the update bringing other goodies to the operating system as well.

The good news is that CNET was able to get a hold of a test of the beloved copy and paste feature and said:

Copy and paste will work by letting users click on a particular word and then expand or contract their text selection from there. A separate paste icon will appear allowing users to paste text, though the look is not yet final.

Is everyone on board with this? They even compared it to Apple's fourth attempt at finally adding copy and paste to a mobile operating system, by saying that Microsoft's works just as good as theirs! Maybe it just works as well as it did in WinMo 6.1. I don't know, Apple just seems to be doing a whole bunch of new and innovative things lately.

And trust me, we didn't understand why Microsoft left out copy and paste either. Maybe because they wanted the operating system rushed out for the holidays, as it's a sure rival to the Android and iOS? Perhaps, but we've made the comparison before: our Windows Mobile 3.1 phones had copy and paste!


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