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Netflix on PS3 Goes Disc-Free

posted Saturday Oct 16, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Netflix on PS3 Goes Disc-Free

PS3 owners - are you ready for some disc-free, HD Netflix? Well, your time has come. Microsoft's exclusivity deal has finally run out and it is time for you PS3 owners to join in on the fun. But you won't just be joining the full Netflix family, you will be taking over as the head of household.

PlayStation 3 owners will soon be able to watch their Netflix movies in full 1080p while Xbox 360 owners have to sit through 720p. You will also get full surround sound provided through Dolby 5.1 while the rest of us listen in glorious 1982 stereo sound. You can also turn on subtitling for a large portion of the catalog. Color me jealous.

For more on Netflix on the PS3 and a video from Sony, hit the break.

All of these features, plus a new, faster interface will launch to your console disc-free on Monday, October 18. Not enough for you? Check out the video below!


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