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Duke Nukem Finally?

posted Sunday Sep 5, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Duke Nukem Finally?

Does anyone remember DN3D? I sure do, and that was a long time ago, back when the years started with 19 instead of 20. In the world of gaming and technology 14 years is the equivalent of forever (pun intended) to the nth power so is anyone still waiting for Duke Nukem Forever with high hopes? If so then do me a favor and watch the video after the break.

Based on this game play footage recored at this years PAX the graphics have transitioned well from 1997 to the next generation consoles and we can hear some of the crass old school Duke Nukem humor we all remember so fondly but as gamers we have all matured somewhat since then so the real question is, has Duke and the plot matured as well? Maybe Yahtzee said it best.


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