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Google Moves Wave From The Cloud To The Box

posted Sunday Sep 5, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Google Moves Wave From The Cloud To The Box

About a month ago Google waved Good-bye to Google Wave, but it hasn't actually gone anywhere, until now. They seem to have taken the Microsoft approach to product development here by emphasizing on developers, developers, developers, developers. Google is counting on future developer contributions to define a new generation of communication and collaboration tools partially by riding the wave from the clouds, into a box.

Hit the break to find out what's really going on!

Users and developers will now be able to host their own Google Wave servers as part of the new project outlined here,

This project will include:

1. An application bundle including a server and web client supporting real-time collaboration using the same structured conversations as the Google Wave system.

2. A fast and fully-featured wave panel in the web client with complete support for threaded conversations.

3. A persistent wave store and search implementation for the server (building on contributed patches to implement a MongoDB store).

4. Refinements to the client-server protocols.

5. Gadget, robot and data API support.

6 Support for importing wave data from

7.The ability to federate across other Wave in a Box instances, with some additional configuration.

The code is available here if you feel like getting your hands dirty and for technical or moral support, take a peek at the Wave Protocol Forum. Google Wave wasn't a successful product when it was being professionally developed, maybe it will have more success as product developed by amateurs instead. What do you think?


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