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To Infineon And Beyond For Intel

posted Sunday Sep 5, 2010 by Jon Wurm

To Infineon And Beyond For Intel

Last week there were rumors that Infineon, Europe's second largest mobile chip manufacturer, was in talks with technology giant Intel about possible merger possibilities. Recently, the deal was sealed for 1.4 billion USD which Intel will drop in cash the way only Intel can. The WLS, Wireless Solutions, unit of Infineon that Intel purchased will operate as a stand alone company. Peter Bauer, Infineon CEO, had this to say:

We can now fully concentrate our resources towards strong growth in our core segments. The automotive, industrial and chip card and security divisions. We all stand to benefit enormously from this deal.

Intel seems to be excited as well. Paul Otellini said,

The global demand for wireless solutions continues to grow at an extraordinary rate. As more devices compute and connect to the Internet, we are committed to making certain that Intel is well positioned to take advantage of the growth potential in every computing segment, from laptops to handhelds.

Hopefully the market and, consequently, the entire developed world will benefit from here on out. Let us know what you think.


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