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Portal 2 Co-op

posted Sunday Sep 5, 2010 by Josh Henry

Portal 2 Co-op

Portal is a game that all of us here at the show are extremely fond of and a game that we've dedicated hours upon hours to in order to perfect our portal throwing skills. After watching this video, it seems as though we will be learning the game all over again. The video features four levels showing only the BASICS of what's to come with Portal 2's newly added Co-op feature.

If you thought that keeping track of two portals at a time was confusing, you are going to be in a world of pain while trying to keep track of FOUR portals (but the fun kind of pain). As we were watching the footage, you could hear have hear a pin drop because we were THAT awestruck and excited about what we were seeing. Just to put it into perspective, Portal 2, including its co-op features, is four times longer than the original game and that in itself is an impressive feat to accomplish.

I would describe the video to you in more detail but, you should really just see it with your own two eyes...SO GET TO IT....You monster.


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