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HK-47 LIVES!!!

posted Sunday Sep 5, 2010 by Josh Henry

HK-47 LIVES!!!

Announcement: This week BioWare decided to give the fans of Knights of the Old Republic a little teaser about one of the franchise's most popular characters. Witty Reveal: Yes, you guessed it, HK-47 is going to play some sort of role in The Old Republic! A video was posted this Friday showcasing what looks like a "flashpoint" for people who decide to role a character alligned with the Empire.

The video also hinted at another one of the fan favorites, Darth Revan! From what can be gathered from the video, it looks like Imperial players will be able to enter a facility that was actually built by Revan himself. There is also some really interesting dialouge that says "Before Revan's rebirth." Much has been speculated about this statement but the fact of the matter is that we will just have to wait and see what lies in Revans facility.

For more on the big news, hit the break.

Bioware also gave us more information on space combat as well. The basic message of the information is stated in the following:

In keeping with the original Star Wars films, the Space Combat system in Star Wars: The Old Republic is designed to make travel times literally fly-by, while combat runs and space battles put you in the pilot's seat for a fast-paced and highly cinematic experienceWhether undertaking faction-based missions involving epic space battles or simply cruising through one of the galaxy's "hot spots", the Space Combat experience drops your starship right into the action. You'll be put on a direct course towards your objective and you'll maneuver your ship through obstacles and deal with enemies that cross your path. It's truly a 'combat' experience.

Your final objective in the mission could be escorting a friendly shuttle to safety or even destroying an enemy battle cruiser. As your character's level increases, you'll be challenged with more difficult and more complex space combat missions, and the stakes will only get higher. By succeeding in these missions, you'll obtain rewards that will be useful in other aspects of the gameplay experience.


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