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Achievement Unlocked: Final Fantasy Open Beta

posted Sunday Sep 5, 2010 by Josh Henry

Achievement Unlocked: Final Fantasy Open Beta

This Tuesday Jon and I were sitting in our homes waiting in anticipation to finally get our hands on Final Fantasy XIV. The good people at Square Enix, however, had other plans in mind. They had decided that the game needed to undergo "emergency maintenance" and postponed open beta until the following day at 10PM ET. This came as no surprise to me as the majority of open betas end up getting pushed back for the same reason.

The next day we watched our clocks once again and found that Square Enix apparently didn't plan for such a big turn out for their new MMO's open beta. I say this because as Jon and I tried to apply for the open beta, the traffic was so heavy that it brought the Square Enix servers to their proverbial knees, begging for mercy. Attempt after attempt to try and sign into our accounts ended in failure and if we were lucky enough to log in, we still had error messages of every sort crowding the space of our monitors.

Even so, we persisted and tried getting my hands on an open beta key all night, getting as close as having the terms of agreement page right before our eyes, to have the submit button on the page not work. But worry not my friends, after hours upon hours of trying to not only get my key but also downloading the game at the same time, I, or we, rather, arose victorious.


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