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Zune Store Now Accepting Credit Cards, Too!

posted Sunday Jun 27, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Zune Store Now Accepting Credit Cards, Too!

Bing Entertainment launched this week and with it, Microsoft has given users the ability to stream and purchase music through the Zune MP3 store right from the search results. It only made sense for the Zune store to now also accept credit cards, after a long time of only being able to accept Microsoft points. Zune.net hasn't been able to be used to purchase music until this change was made; users would have to buy Microsoft points before they could actually purchase the songs they wanted. Adversely, consumers would have to access the Zune Marketplace or install the Zune software to accomplish what they wanted to do. Microsoft had to consider all consumers who may not have these devices or software installed who could be potential users of their services.

Hit the break to see what Microsoft had to say about this change.

Microsoft's new strategy of pushing Zune-related services instead of Zune-related devices and a spokesperson for the computer giant had this to say:

Microsoft has not eliminated the use of Microsoft Points with the announcement of Zune music on Bing and the addition of the new Zune.net MP3 store. Customers who choose to purchase music through Bing or the Zune.net MP3 store can use either a credit card or Microsoft Points. Customers who purchase music or videos through the Zune Marketplace will need to use Microsoft Points. Zune Pass subscribers can also download music to keep by redeeming their credits—through the Zune Marketplace or the Zune.net MP3 store.

To clarify, Microsoft has not yet decided to accept credit cards on the Zune Marketplace, so Zune device owners and WinPho 7 users will have to use the Bing service of Zune.net to still make these purchases with a credit card. This will, however, definitely broaden their potential user base and allow Microsoft to really give more options to more users in more ways. Now, you have the ability to access and download music pretty much wherever you are.

We're big on Microsoft and their Zune products. Will you be using Zune.net? Or are you still hooked on iTunes?


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