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Microsoft Just Dropped A Bieber Bomb

posted Sunday Jun 27, 2010 by Josh Henry

Microsoft Just Dropped A Bieber Bomb

The drums of war are sounding over the motion-controlled gaming market, and efforts have escalated significantly earlier this week, when Microsoft's Kinect gained an endorsement from one of the world's foremost cultural leaders: Teen sensation Justin Bieber. Click past the jump to see the intro video to one of Bieber's recent performances: A clip which shows Bieber and company trying out Dance Central and Kinect Adventures, unlocking a few lucrative (albeit fake) Achievements along the way.

Of course, that's just the first half of the video posted after the break. We won't judge you for watching the second half of said video, which features Bieber's opening number. We're not too proud to admit that we viewed the entire thing -- but only because I am fascinated by the technology which must have gone into creating this bionic boy (I imagine the technology is similar to what was used in the first Spy Kids movie).

All they need to have endorse them next is the (what i believe) CG animation that we have all come to know as Megan Fox. With there powers combined Wii Motion Plus and the PlayStation Move better watch their backs. PlayStation move may have a better chance of survival since they have Taylor swift backing them up, Wii on the other hand needs to step up their game and find themselves some endorsement. Just throwing it out there but, Lindsay Lohan hasn't done anything in awhile....Or what ever happened to Cory from Boy Meets World?....He's gotta need something to do.


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