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Kinect Demo's Going Live... At Four Locations

posted Sunday Jun 27, 2010 by Josh Henry

Kinect Demo's Going Live... At Four Locations

The Microsoft Store's official Twitter account is inviting folks to try Kinect at its stores "nationwide," which sounds a lot more impressive before the realization hits that there are only four locations in the entire country. The MS Twitter account also notes that Kinectimals will be shown off this weekend, so looks like those of you nearby will be able to play with skittles, which sounds a lot better than playing with a wet monkey. The miracle to me is that something interesting actually came out of twitter.

Hit the break for the locations and more information about the Kinect test-drive.

San Diego, CA

Mission Viego, CA

Scottsdale, AR

Lone Tree, CO

The Microsoft stores are accepting pre-orders of the Kinect, for the price of $150. They did something similar with their online store. But Microsoft has reiterated that this is not the final pricing of Kinect. Although it probably is.

Fudzilla was informed that Microsoft privately told retailers behind-closed-doors that unless the PlayStation Move was drastically cheaper than them, the Kinect would carry a MSRP of $150. The Move bundle, with camera, wand and games (but, no nunchuck) will cost $99, with the addition of a nunchuck (not required) bringing the total to about $119.


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