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Larry Kenney, Larry Kenney, Larry Kenney.... Hooeeeeeeee!!!

posted Sunday Jul 18, 2010 by Josh Henry

 Larry Kenney, Larry Kenney, Larry Kenney.... Hooeeeeeeee!!!

You guys remember Thundercats, right? Nobody can forget the classic cry of Lion-O: Thundercats Thundercats Thundercats Hoeeeeeeeeeeeee (yea you know me).

Well we've got some great news for you because it looks like Japan's Studio40C is rebooting the franchise for a new generation, and that isn't even the good news. THAT comes to us from Rosemary Ward's Facebook page that states:

Interesting Thundercat News! Talking to the a {sic} talent agency just now in regards to Larry Kenney, I found out He'll be voicing Lion-O again!

Hit the break to hear more about the Thundercats!

Or at least that is what sources thought originally. After Michael Bay decided to use the original Optimus Prime for the Transformers movies, it would make sense that we also get the original voice of Lion-O, Larry Kenney back on board, and on the prowl. Lets just hope they don't make an awful sequel. But we recently found out that sources may have jumped the gun and that Larry Kenney will actually be playing the voice of Lion-o's father King Claudus. This makes me wonder, and makes me a bit worried as to how we're going to know it's a bold new re-imagining of the franchise, without some pre-pubescent surfer voice coming out of the main cat or worse, Justin Beiber.

Beyond the voice of Lion-O, what do we know about the reboot? The Thundercats will be more cat-like, which is great news for people who like watching cartoons about action heroes who stare at you blankly, prefer to sleep all day, and wander away in the middle of when you're talking to them because you don't have any food for them. Or if you are a fan of the infamous Perv Kitty.

My money is on seeing Kenney, and a few other voices announced coming up this week at Comic-Con, so stay tuned for that.


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