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They Know What You Like And They Know What You Want

posted Sunday Jul 18, 2010 by Jon Wurm

They Know What You Like And They Know What You Want

In yet another testament to science fiction becoming science fact a revolution has started in the advertising industry all the way across the world in none other than Japan. Take a trip back to June 21st. 2002 when Minority Report staring Tom Cruise was released. The personalized digital ads seen in the movie have become a reality. The digital billboards displaying these ads are outfitted with cameras that can determine gender and age group even if you are just passing by and glance at the billboard.

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The intelligent billboards are not quite on par with the movie because they can only specify for two very broad demographics which means there is still plenty of room for error. It's very possible that a more masculine woman could be offered Viagra the same way some more feminine looking men could be shown a Tampax ad. I have made similar mistakes in the past and with a wide variety of shall we say...interesting people walking around I imagine this is going to happen quite a bit in the beginning stages. For the sake of my pride I just hope it doesn't happen to me.


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