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E3 2010 - Sony Moves Into Motion Gaming

posted Tuesday Jun 15, 2010 by Scott Ertz

E3 2010 - Sony Moves Into Motion Gaming

Sony's Move has been the under-appreciated technology of the past year. Microsoft's announcement of Project Natal, now Kinect last year at E3 completely overshadowed Sony's own ice-cream cone-shaped motion control system, now dubbed Move. The lack of interest is probably derived from the fact that their system requires that you hold something, like the Wiimote, whereas Kinect does not. After today's live demos it is clear that might not be the issue we all thought it was.

Hit the break for info on Sony's Move including Move-capable games.

At launch, Move will have 15-20 titles, with as many as 60 by the holidays, so it is clear that developers, both internal and external are backing this new initiative. One of the best titles we saw was Heroes on the Move, featuring Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Dexter, Sly Cooper and more. This will be PlayStation's Justice League, bringing together the heroes from Sony's top games.

Move will be available worldwide starting in September, with it launching in Europe on the 15th and North America on the 19th and Japan will get it October 21st. The Motion Controller (ice-cream cone) will run $49.99, the Navigation Controller (similar to Wii's nunchuck) will run $29.99. Already, the PlayStation Eye runs $39.99, so a full kit start to finish will run you $120 plus games.

You will be able to get a game, the Eye and the Motion Controller as a kit for $99.99, but you will still be missing the Navigation Controller. There will also be a console combo with the console and the starter kit for the same price as buying them separately.

Here's a list of the Move-capable titles we know of so far:

  • Eye Pet
  • Heavy Rain
  • Heroes on the Move
  • Killzone 2
  • Kung Fu Rider
  • Little Big Planet 2
  • Lord of the Rings: Aragon's Quest
  • NBA 2K11
  • Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
  • SOCOM 4: US Navy Seals
  • The Sly Collection
  • Sports Champions
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011
  • Time Crisis: Razing Storm
  • Toy Story 3
  • Twisted Metal

Also, don't forget to check out PLuGHiTz Live! Radio Wednesday night @ 9PM Eastern for our Sony and Ubisoft recap show where we will break down these topics!


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