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Sony Continues to Turn Up the Heat on Hotz

posted Sunday Mar 20, 2011 by Jon Wurm

Sony Continues to Turn Up the Heat on Hotz

This week there has been a further development in the Sony vs. Hotz lawsuit. It seems that Sony has been awarded further access to sensitive information following a previous round of granted subpoenas by Magistrate Joseph Spero. The previous ones gave Sony access to the Twitter and Youtube accounts of anyone who watched the PS3 Jailbreak Tutorial or followed him on Twitter, as well as everyone who visited his website since 2009.

Now Sony is acquiring documents from Hotz's Paypal account in an attempt to prove that he accepted monetary donations from people in the state of California in regards to his PS3 hack and tools. Anyone who has done business associated with the Paypal account from January 1st 2009 to February 1st 2011 seems to be fair game as Sony has threatened to sue anyone involved for a variety of reasons.

GeoHot has complied with a court order to remove the encryption key and tools from his website which is classified as a "circumvention device" by the DMCA. Sony doesn't have to prove that Hotz accepted money for his stuff to sue him but it would help them move the case from New Jersey to California where laws concerning this matter fall more in their favor.


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