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Fractal Design Breaks Into the US Market

posted Wednesday Mar 9, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Fractal Design Breaks Into the US Market

If you were able to catch our CES 2011 coverage, you saw that we were very excited about a Swedish computer case company that was looking to emerge themselves into the American market, Fractal Design. We were able to talk to many of the important people of the company, including the founder, Hannes Wallin, who was even willing to talk on camera about his products, goals and projections for the company in 2011 (video after the break). One of those goals was to make Fractal Design products available to the US without having to order them from Canada.

Well, let that dream become a reality as this week, Fractal Design has announced a deal with Newegg, one of the leading PC component retailers with 13 million registered users, that will allow US computer users to purchase the award-winning Define R3 and Define XL Silent PC series cases.

For more on Fractal Design picking up their first US reseller, hit the break.

For those who aren't aware, the Define series of computer cases are one of the best when it comes to silent cases. The Swedish design keeps the body simple, yet elegant, all while offering premium silence at an affordable price. Fractal Design uses the patent pending ModuVent System, that allows the cases to be extremely diverse with their noise dampening and design at a very low cost to the consumer. The Define series is the highlight example of these features and is perfect for anyone from the home theater PC guy, to the high-end extreme gamer, to even the business user in an office with hundreds of computers buzzing all the time.

President of Fractal Design North America, Paul Heimbuch, had this to say about their deal with Newegg.

Fractal Design's products have been extremely well received because our designs reflect the priority we place on listening to our customers. We are pleased to announce that Newegg, the world's largest online-only supplier of PC cases, will begin offering our Define R3 and Define XL cases in the US. We are excited to have Newegg as a partner because of their reputation for providing a quality online shopping experience and outstanding customer service.

You can head over to The Fractal Design at Newegg page now and get your shop on. Don't forget to follow them on their Facebook Fan Site.

Obviously you can see we are excited about seeing this company making really good strides for 2011. You can see why in the video below, interview conducted by our very own, Jon Wurm.


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