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Free Stuff for Using Free Software - What Could be Better?

posted Saturday Mar 19, 2011 by Scott Ertz

Free Stuff for Using Free Software - What Could be Better?

You know you've been curious about exactly what Hulu PLUS has to offer since we started talking about it and you know you've been wanting to try Internet Explorer 9 to see what all the hype is about. If you are willing to give both a try at once, Hulu will give you one month of its PLUS service for free.

That's right. Hulu and Microsoft have teamed up to help gain acceptance of both of their products by offering a full-featured month of Hulu PLUS to any and all Internet Explorer 9 users. Think that's great? Well, Microsoft is just getting started.

Want access to a free Xbox 360 Kinect bundle? How about free stuff from eBay? Hit the break to read about the other deals coming to IE9 users.

Here are some more deals Microsoft partners are offering:

  • eBay is offering 2 deals. In April you can get 8% extra eBay bucks and in May you can get a $5 coupon. All you have to do is start using the IE9 Jump List.
  • Slacker Radio is offering a free month of its Plus service to users who pin Slacker to their taskbar and use the Jump List.
  • Groupon is offering $5 in Groupon Bucks toward future purchases. I bet you know what you have to do to get that.
  • Biggest and best is the offer of a free Xbox 360, Kinect bundle or Samsung Focus with a $250 purchase from Gilt through the Jump List.

I know I will be taking advantage of several of these deals from Microsoft and their new partners. What about you? Don't forget to hit the link to see when these deals are running.


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