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Google Brings Android Market To The Cloud! I Mean The Web!

posted Friday Feb 4, 2011 by Jon Wurm

Google Brings Android Market To The Cloud! I Mean The Web!

The new web-based Android Market might not be as shiny as the Chrome Store but it will certainly mean more to about one-third the global mobile market since people actually use Android. The Wall Street Journal reported that Android recently surpassed Symbian as the leading mobile OS by a margin of 2.3%, meaning Android has 32.9% global market share and Symbian has 30.6%. Previously, the only access to Android apps was from an Android phone or tablet and the new web store will not just offer another platform to access apps but will serve as an interface between your phone and the web.

To find out how, hit the break.

The web market offers a more full app browsing experience because it allows the user to easily view screen shots, reviews, and cross promotion of apps more readily than using the Android Market app. The search capabilities on the web Android Market are a bit more extensive as well; it is possible to search by rating, free apps, device, etc.

Something developers should be excited about is in-app purchasing which will allow them to sell virtual goods within their own apps. Documentation on how to implement this has already been released and most should be able to integrate it within a few days. You will also be able to put a credit card on file with your Market Account to easily purchase apps as well as connect your Twitter account to tweet everyone about the cool apps you downloaded.

Google also demonstrated that when you tweet about your app purchase from the web client, those who follow your link on their Android device will be redirected to the appropriate place within the Android Market App for a quick and easy download.


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