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Google To Open Shiniest Store Ever On December 7th?

posted Sunday Dec 5, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Google To Open Shiniest Store Ever On December 7th?

Last Friday Google sent out a bunch of e-mails that quickly circulated through the tech community about a "Chrome-centric" event taking place on December 7th, and for everyone (who got the invite) to come to Dogpatch Studios and check it out. There is plenty of speculation about what exactly Google might be up to this time but we can narrow the possibilities down to two.

In order to find out what those are you have to hit the break.

It's likely that Google will finally debut their Chrome Store where you will be able to purchase, browse, and install extensions as well as apps to run inside their Chrome browser (sort of). This has worked well in the past for Apple and Android who have enjoyed great success with them already. The other possibility is that Google might show off Chrome OS which hasn't been in the limelight at all since the release of Android. Here is a copy of the invitation below. Seeing it here doesn't mean your invited though.

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With Google being so cloud-centric in thinking I'm actually surprised they would create a store where you could download apps and plug-ins that install to your hard drive. This signals to me that "the cloud" and Chrome have not reached a point where the interaction between the two is sufficient to actually support it and make it viable. Besides, it seems kind of redundant that these apps have to be downloaded and aren't run on a web server. By chance if they debut Chrome OS as well, don't go crazy purchasing apps at the app store and expect to enjoy them on your Android phone because that won't happen. What do you guys think Google is going to show off next Tuesday?


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