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Guitar Hero Disbanded

posted Thursday Feb 10, 2011 by Jon Wurm

Guitar Hero Disbanded

I have what will be widely regarded as good news for those of you haven't put a second mortgage on your house to keep up with the 7 major versions of Guitar Hero and the 4 expansion packs for game consoles, not to mention the 20+ different guitars Activision Blizzard has spewed out since 2005. The game franchise is officially axed after losing Activision Blizzard hundreds of millions since 2009. The most recent losses suffered in Q4 2010 were 233 million, which is down from a 286 million loss in Q4 2009. With losses like that it is no surprise they decided to cut the franchise before the planned release of another game later this year. This also means that we managed to dodge a bullet and that Activision Blizzard is only about 2 years behind everyone else.

Hit the break to watch a YouTube video that pays homage to the fallen franchise.

For those die hard fans that stuck it out to the end, I wanted to offer you this video as consolation. It recognizes the passing, the good times that were had, and those rhythm games that came before Guitar Hero and will remain long after.

If you want to know more about why the franchise tanked check out our analysis article.


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