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Spotify Inches Closer to Being Spotted in the US

posted Sunday Feb 13, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Spotify Inches Closer to Being Spotted in the US

Everybody should care about Spotify. Not only for the reason that it's an awesome service that's slowly creeping its way to the US very soon but also because I'm talking about it! Just a couple of weeks ago we talked about the European-based music streaming service inking a deal with Sony. It turns out that there may be more hints of the service touching down on American soil sooner than we thought.

Some Americans have been given free Premium access to Spotify early; VIPs, music industry analysts, record label heads and press. That select group of individuals received an email from Spotify this week hinting at a launch of the service in the "coming months" and that they're gonna have to be paying soon.

To see the letter and find out more, click that break!

Here's the letter.

From: Spotify

Date: February 8, 2011

To: xxx

Subject: Spotify Payment Problem- ACTION REQUIRED!

Hello from Spotify!

You are one of only a few people who has access to a Spotify promotional test account in the USA, and we hope you're enjoying listening to Spotify through our Premium or Unlimited service.

We are really looking forward to launching the service in full in the USA over the coming months, and hope that you will continue to use the service and be one of our key advocates.

We need to make some small system changes to our payment system for our USA launch, and so in order to make the transition for you as smooth as possible, we have credited your Spotify account with 1 month worth of FREE Spotify Premium/ Unlimited!

In return for this, we ask that you please do the following:

• Visit our website

• Login with your username and password.

• Select a payment method (Card or Paypal) and click 'Change'

• Click 'I Accept/ Continue' to accept the new product in US Dollars

• Provide us with your payment details once more, so that after your FREE

month has expired you will be able to keep listening to music through Spotify.

Your next bill is due to us on '14/02/12', so please provide us with your payment details before then, otherwise you will revert back to Spotify Free and if you have Premium you will lose access to Spotify on your mobile. On this date, you will then be billed in Dollars!

Thanks for your help, and please feel free to reply to us directly if you have any


So, by no means are we saying they're gonna be here tomorrow; they still need to finalize big record labels like Universal Music Group before this thing even gains the littlest of footholds in the market. This does however mean they are moving towards a launch and are getting their back-end systems ready for it.

I, as you already may know, am very excited to see Spotify make its way here. It's a great service with more flexibility. I consider it the music version of Netflix. Streaming capabilities from anywhere with multiple packages to choose from.

We'll, of course, keep you updated as we've heard that Universal is close to getting a deal done with the company.


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